[Proposal] Officially defined difficulty naming in Polish language for Polish songs

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I've prepared a collection of definitions for most of the difficulty names that could be translated into Polish language and could be used for Polish songs. They can be used or not, that depends on the mapper.
I thought it would be nice to have an official listing of diff names in Polish.

(credits to Krisom for giving me this idea)
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Because me and some of my other friends who are sometimes mapping Polish songs want to use Polish diffnaming, same as for Spanish mapsets, Spanish diffnames are used. The problem is that we don't know if we are able to use Polish diacritical signs. Additionally Polish language is very vast and broad, there are many ways of defining one or many things.
A way to avoid one person using one word to describe multiple diff names, or using multiple words to describe one diff is to standardize what diff names can be used for what difficulties.

Later on, similar proposal can be brought for other languages that are supported in the metadata language picker on mapset's page
the ranking criteria says you can use any diff naming if it falls into a theme. if the song is polish you can use polish diffnames and it is perfectly rankable.

the standardization, as you mentioned, will depend on people since most of the times people is gonna use the regular "easy-normal-hard-insane" naming even if the song is in another language
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The issue is that you say that Advanced is 'Zaawansowany' and Hard can be 'Zaawansowany' too because it basically can mean that. It's not a criteria proposal, more like just a standarization proposal, to embed into osu!wiki
It seems quite counterintuitive that difficulty names that are not in english would be allowed in the first place.
Do I have to learn Beginner Easy Normal Advanced Hard Hyper Light Insane Extra Expert Extreme Ultra in 30 languages now in order to be able to tell what to expect from a difficulty?
Li Syaoran

wouldn't this apply to every anime map then, so now we'd have to use taiko naming conventions since anime songs are japanese
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As I said, this isn't mandatory, it's a listing of names that could be used. As you can see there are already Polish or Spanish songs ranked that use either English or their national naming. This is just a guideline on what names can the willing mappers use to indicate specific difficulties.

Same way we got used to naming three Easy diffs Calm, Relaxing and Tough - Same way we can kind of remember this. Also this hits the niche part of ranked mapping, so you probably wouldn't even notice them (polish songs)
It probably should be on mapping discussion forum for, idk, alternative diffnaming in another language(?). not on RC at least, cause i dont see the importance of it. Largely because this diffnaming would only be used in polish songs as the title suggests (which is kinda rare imo).

RC is supposed to be english only.
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I might have posted that on the wrong forums then. Sorry
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