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mean while,

my OC's doing the squad thing
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Does this count?

It's art isn't it? I worked many hours to create it.

edit: Just realized I was the one who made this thread 3 years ago in the first place..
I recently completed a speedpaint:

Oooo you do videos now, Great work!
I always wanted to do a timelapse of something but never got around to it :(
Mofu kun
man i was going to post something here until i saw the high quality work that was already here
The lighting is far too dark but eh I cba to render it again

Can't post it here directly since it won't load for some reason
Here is my newest drawing, that's the first time i try to paint... is not good at all.
The Gambler
If Mania had a controller, this would be it.

Pardon my use of Sketchup. My Autodesk skills are non-existent.

Wacom tablet and the triple setup courtesy of the Sketchup libraries
Welp since everyone is posting 3d wank I'll join in on the fun....

Did a semi low poly model of the nono keyboard that I've been working on an off to be used as a product visualization through sketchfab...

Old version of the faceplate viewed in sketchfab before the new batch of nonos which removed the break in the middle
High poly of the usb micro B cage
Random test video with keycap emissions
Ohh and a random speed model that had no practical use :)
The Gambler

RBRat3 wrote:

Why must you ruin my dream? IT'S TOO BEAUTIFUL!!

*heart dissolves into liquid*
*becomes lifeless shell*
Am addicted to Wadanohara and the Big Blue Sea right now lol. I'll finish this later :3. So for now just a screenshot of my drawing of Memoca's face lol
And to be fair i made it in like 20 minutes during some random freetime i had lol

EDIT: finished!
Sorry I don't color :/

Eh just tweaking so why not add it here lol

EDIT: Eh why not. I'll draw some of the other characters as well lol (not done)

E i k o

Akari Akaza fan art.

The great and unquote-able Frostei wrote:

Hair that I can never do. HOW!? ;3;
Guess i am the most untalented one in here xD
But still wanna show it off <3


I have no idea how to use this Osu! forum system so I'll just put it like this.
wow that bird looks really nice :o

to put your drawings inside a spoilerbox you only need to add the [spoilerbox] code like this:

[spoilerbox][img]<insert your drawing/picture url here>[/img][/spoilerbox]
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