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Don Omar
-----------------------------------------------2018 UPDATE------------------------------------------------------------
- more players (120k vs 88k last year - a staggering 36% growth!)
- better performance (#18 -> #16 in world ranking list)
- populous discord channel and high activity in social networks
- 860 SP WTF??????
- still no #ukrainian channel :с

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Thank you for attention, I hope that 5 years will be enough for creating our own channel.

EDIT 2017:

Hi there!
Ukraine is quite a big and populous (42-45 million) country with a great number of active players. Currently it is #18 in country ranking but we still do not have our own channel...
I want to list some reasons why it should be implemented:
- 88448 active players (7x more than Bulgaria, 3.5x more than Hungary, 4x more than Romania but their channels exist anyway) including some great players (>8000 pp) and mappers (remember the last time you played a goreshit or Team Grimoire map)
- although Ukrainian and Russian are very similar to each other and 95% of Ukrainians can speak it, due to many reasons not everybody wants to use that language and not so many people are able to speak English or other foreign languages
- own channel leads to more players from our country, the game becomes more popular (our community has a LOT of potential)
- a great support from the community (+250 SP is not a joke, I'm a bit shocked, too)

To attract your attention i enclose this:
Actually, I support that cause #russian, is well.... kinda strange channel....
Here's what Derekku has to say about it p/2076325 one month ago
I really don't see why not. I mean how resource conservative does osu! need to be. If there is a part of the world where they speak a language natively, then it should be given their own channel. I would feel differently if all of a country typed in Russian or something, but if their dialect is different enough to warrant a new channel, then it should be so. My reasoning is that if we restrict channels based on how many active players, then you essentially forbid certain languages from being written in osu.

The question is whether your native language is different enough (and if there is an available person to be a mod for that channel).
It's a different language, similar to Russian as Norwegian is similar to Danish. wiki about russian language in Ukraine
They're definitely more active than many other language specific communities who already have their own channels.

I want to speak Ukrainian in own channel. I can see a lot of swearing to me, when I speak Ukrainian in #russian, but when I spoke Ukrainian in other channels players gave a link to #russian. ._____.
So for this moment it's too awkwardly to speak Ukrainian for many players.
Supporting this.

Although I don't feel that EVERY language needs a channel unless it is incredibly active within the game, I've seen a decent amount of Ukraine players to think that it warrants a channel. There's already staff that are from Ukraine, and I know some people who speak Ukraine that I could see holding a leadership position as chat moderator.
If you are so many, why not?
Supporting. Take these ukranian schoolies away.
I don't want to insult someone. If you are ukranian, you know russian, you want to speak russian in the russian channel... why not then? I'd love to see more good people there, I don't give a single care if they are russian or not. But some Ukrainian people don't like to speak russian, especially if they are from the west part of Ukraine. Why wouldn't they just have their own channel?
On the other side, ukranian schoolies are quite annoying if they speak ukranian just to annoy us. That happens... rarely, but still happens. Moderators don't sit there always, so they cannot prevent all of those cases. Don't even try to tell me about the report button, noone cares about #russian if there're no russian moderators.
Some ukranian players don't know russian well enough, their -russian- language just makes my eyes bleed sometimes. If you know english good enough, you understand me, because my -english- may make your eyes bleed too.
I'll still do want this channel. :D
So I think this channel can does more ukrainian active players and decides some problems with players from Ukraine in #russian channel.
- Marco -
This is not so ifficult to do, just open a channel and link to channels :D
Vuelo Eluko
supporting because i agree to this suggestion that has absolutely no impact on me.
I would join it to poke Kodora and grumd there wwwww sorry Don Omar and TrigonometrY too

marcostudios wrote:

This is not so ifficult to do, just open a channel and link to channels :D
It's not hard but it depends if enough active users would talk/join in the channel. Creating it is the less problem. :P
I really don't think that it is nesessary. We have not so big userbase and 99% of us can perfectly speak russian (for a lot of ukranian people it actually native language).

this will be second #uzbek x.x

Kodora wrote:

I really don't think that it is nesessary. We have not so big userbase and 99% of us can perfectly speak russian (for a lot of ukranian people it actually native language).

this will be second #uzbek x.x
Really? All my ukrainian friends can't to speak russian corectly, not to mention about writing. Courts are not on your own.
Only 99% 58,1% ukrainians declared fluency in Russian. Other Яussain-speaking people from Ukraine are Russian thx u, Captain Obvious.
So I want to see all russians in #russian and all ukrainians in #ukrainian. ;)

About #uzbek. Compare this with this and with this. Yes, Bulgarian have own channel. Why wouldn't we have? 'Cuz someone like you don't speaks own native language. :c

I have some meta's. Among them are
• free speaking Ukrainian
• making better relations between ukrainians (because many people divide Ukraine to Western and Eastern by language)
• sharing ukrainian content for making Ukrainian more popular and useful
and others.

I think everyone can be talk in ukrainian threads in #ukrainian. We are hospitable and friendly. ;)
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Don Omar
Updated the request. Looking forward for further discussion! and approval
even if ukrainians do speak russian... this is a good idea because there is a distinct ukrainian community, so why not let them talk in their own language?
может адекватный канал получится
Supporting! I can't wait to spam on brand new channel.
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