osu! Trivium Quiz 2020 (The world's hardest osu! trivia quiz)

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What is the osu! Trivium Quiz?
Originally designed for OWC 2020 participants, the osu! Trivium Quiz is a list of 50 osu! themed trivia questions. The questions are all designed to be "ungoogle-able" - this means that you cannot just copy-paste the question and add "osu" into a search engine and expect to find the correct answer. Because the participants deemed the quiz too difficult, I have repurposed it into a public competition.

The key to winning is knowing where to seek knowledge. A single person cannot possibly know all the answers to the quiz. However, they may know a friend who can point them in the right direction.

Link to the quiz:

The deadline for submission is 13th Dec 2020.

Information about Questions:
The questions are designed to cover a wide range of topics - these include (but are not limited to) general osu! trivia, world cups, all the gamemodes. There are 5 difficulties of questions: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, Extra. These are worth 1-5 points respectively.

Every answer must come accompanied with an explanation and/or evidence. You cannot just "guess" the answer as it is not in the spirit of this competition. The questions were written with only one particular answer in mind. However, other sufficiently well reasoned answers may also be credited.

How to play:
To participate/compete, you must register with me (mangomizer#7093) on this Discord Server. You may participate solo or in a team of up to 4 people. There is no deadline for registration, but the submission deadline is 13th Dec 2020, so you must register before then - the sooner the better.

There is only one rule - You cannot ask me (mangomizer) for information, hints or answers.

Thus, all other strategies (with the exception of harassment) are fair play. You can ask anyone for information - however, not everyone is obliged to help you. Trade, bribery, and espionage are all “legal” tactics, but obviously come with their own associated risks.

I recommend using a google doc/sheet for easy access and sharing. All answer sheets will be marked and given a score out of 150 points. Once this has been done, the answers and results will be released in a livestream shortly afterwards, and the prizes awarded.

1st - profile badge* + 24 months of osu! supporter to distribute freely.
2nd - 16 months of osu! supporter to distribute freely.
3rd - 8 months of osu! supporter to distribute freely.

*Profile badge is dependent on number of participating teams (at least 32 teams needed).

An important final note: I strongly advise against leaking the answers to any question in a public setting (eg. Twitter/Reddit). I believe it would ruin the experience for everyone participating - your answer might not even be correct! Without further ado, I hope you have fun throughout the duration of this competition. Good luck and happy trivia hunting!
My brain is too smooth for this
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I apologise for not knowing how to format an osu! forum post decently.
this should be interesting
- Marco -
This looks fun ♥

edit: holy moly even the "Easy" questions are hard
high hopes
big osu brain time
hints: this is a taiko player quiz
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sunako- wrote:

hints: this is a taiko player quiz
Actually - I have tried to keep it relatively balanced across the gamemodes :)
oh yea baby. time to be smart
i can't even answer the first question what the hell
Sounds like fun
too bad that i'm smooth brained
great idea.
I look forward to the challenge
dude what is this thing
ive been looking forward to this ever since you mentioned it, gonna be fun :D
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