How to add/restore local scores?

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So I've been playing on and off for a while, and after a haitus I'm looking to get back into it. However, it's hard to resist comparing scores I once got with the skill that I've lost.

I'm looking into deleting my scores.db file as well as the osu!\Data\r folder to give my self a fresh start and begin enjoying the slow climb as I once did. Simultaneously, I want to backup my current scores for safekeeps and general archival reasons.

My question: Is there a method that allows me to edit the scores.db file to add/remove scores? Or, could I merge two score.db files (new and backup)? ...or another choice I haven't thought of?
Don't believe there is any way to merge to edit them.

Most you can do is recompile the file by removing it from the osu! folder while the game is closed and then starting the game. It should import all replays from the data/r folder.

I don't suggest moving or messing with any files in the Data folder unless you are prepared to potentially lose your data. So move/replace files at your own risk.
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A breif look at the inner workings of osu!'s .db format has more than quenched my curiousity lol. I will just relocate the contents of data/r to my desktop and move on, as has worked according to other forum posts. Backing them up was a secondary goal, so I shouldn't be too bummed if they later fail to import.

Thanks a bunch!
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