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Things you can expect from ths queue:

1. sv check or suggestion. (either me or datoujia, maybe even both if your map is really awesome)
2. create sv for your map.

Sillyp: Open for checks, sv creation closed, I don't wanna map svs recently

datoujia: sv check Open

  1. I only accept if i like the map or song.
  2. Status of requests will be posted in google sheet (kinda too lazy to update the sheet now).
  3. Plz dont post twice unless it's a different map.
  4. Should be for rank if you need 1 or 2. (Fine if it's not for rank now, I can give some general feedback and suggestion)
  5. You can describe what you need by giving some examples.
  6. Creating or checking svs require lots of time so plz dont push me even if i accept your request.
  7. If you need m4m, m4sv or anything else , plz dm me instead of post request here.
  8. contact me for further adjustments if you change the snaps with sv parts(which means if your make them unnormalized).
  9. Plz add me into tags if it's sv creation :D

format for sv check or suggestion:
Artist - Title:

format for sv creation:
Artist - Title:
Diff(s): (and if it contains different key counts, plz describe whether snaps of diffs are the same)
Intensity you need: { gentle/ midium/ strong }
Density you need: { 1 ~ 10 } 1 for few svs, 10 for sv based map(like credits which i posted below).
100% sure your offset is correct?: { yes/ no }
大佬! 两个可以么qwq
For sv check or suggestion:
Artist - Title: Kobaryo - Villain Virus [feat. Camellia]
Length: 4:25
Link: beatmapsets/915764
Description: 犀利皮!

For sv creation:
Artist - Title: Camellia - Tojita Sekai
Length: 6:38
Link: beatmapsets/1150451
Description: 建议和MCNC的差多点,那个开始的鼓点顿还是要的,我自己有几处sv建议这个03:10:640不要删,其他随意
Intensity you need: midium
Density you need: 4?

Artist - Title: Hinkik & A Himitsu - Realms
Length: 3:33
Link: beatmapsets/1244642#mania/2587219
Description: 我也不知道是算什么请求了,这谱本身不想整多少sv,Intensity gentle,Density 2吧。01:28:597 - 01:31:355 和 02:54:113 - 02:59:630 这里我想加点sv但是不会加,求助。其他地方写好的sv也帮忙看看。

P哥 永远嘀神!
Hey there

I have a marathon map that I made SVs for but considering that you are basically a pro at it I think you will do a far better job at it

sv creation
Artist - Title: Camellia - feel my conscious
Length: 6:22
Link: beatmapsets/1211582#mania/2522069
Description: Tech map that is mostly oriented around LNs and hard bursts
Intensity you need: medium
Density you need: 5 - 6 , I don't need anything too crazy, just something that will work well with the song

thank you!
sv check
Artist - Title: Frums - XNOR XNOR XNOR
Length: 9:10
Link: beatmapsets/1245249#mania/2588413
sv check here

Length: 4:08
Link: beatmapsets/1245984#mania/2589917
Description: this is my first time to make sv like cycle hit or trinity homerun

thanks in advance :3
yo me again

Artist - Title: t+pazolite & Getty - Twisted Drop Party
Length: 3:03
Link: beatmapsets/1229023#mania/2555462
Description: I need SV mods on Salty's 4K Insane. Its the only difficulty in the map that has SVs so I hope you mod it

Artist - Title: BUD VIRGIN LOGIC - x Senritsu -Schlehit Melodie- (TV Size)
Length: 1:48
Link: beatmapsets/1250651#mania/2599167
Description: need help for making SV for 3 notes at 01:41:165 - 01:41:481 - 01:41:797 -

for ranked, SV only for Insane diff. rest of spread no SV.

SV check or suggestion!

Artist - Title: Ziyoou-vachi - Kaen
Length: 3:30
Link: beatmapsets/1207308#mania/2523600
Description: HD and si35's MX are contain sv. Someone says that the sv's are doesn't convince at all '-'
[ Decku ]
SV Check

Artist - Title: Se-U-Ra - Tsui no Maihime
Length: 2:06
Link: beatmapsets/1154776
Description: Jacky map. But the only diff to contain SV is Dub's Tera

thank u :)

SV check
Artist - Title: Silentroom - F1055
Length: 2:42
Link: beatmapsets/1230714#mania/2564138
Description: im kinda new to sv’s, the sv’s there may be intended to not be the main thing, tho it kinda seems like it. maybe not, they shouldn’t be powerful tho. (SV’s in Streams, Insane, don’t check insane because they’re basically copied over from Streams)

Artist - Title: Team Grimoire vs Laur - Grievous Lady -nothing is but what is not-
Length: 5:51
Link: beatmapsets/1242120
Description: I need sv suggestions on this map, especially at the beginning part where the bpm continuously changes.

Thank you =v=
Artist - Title: Laur - Vindication
Length: 2:33
Link: beatmapsets/1117950#mania/2335283
Description: [Nm] i want laggy sv and feedback
i close my request
Artist - Title: SaMZIng - Lionhearted
Length: 1:16
Link: beatmapsets/1221570#mania/2541303
Description: need sv check in top diff before I'm pushing it to ranked
Hello there!

Artist - Title: Taishi - bluefieldcreator
Length: 16:09
Link: beatmapsets/1248234#mania/2594305
Description: Suggestions, maybe check if you're down to do that. 20,492 SVs so if you need me to break the SVs up into sections so checking / suggesting is easier, I can do that. Some SVs are purposefully unbalanced, like some of the ones at the start. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for any of the parts to make the SVs more dynamic, Especially the LN part at 11:00. Any help is appreciated thank you!
Hi! I apparently really need SV check fast :')
Artist - Title: sakuraburst - cherry blossoms explode across the dying horizon
Length: 7:10
Link: beatmapsets/1056441#mania/2235767
Description: Going for ranked, and tries to put the density of SVs into the max without being unrankable. This will be my first ranked map, with the desire to get this into Beatmap Spotlights!
im just gonna req a different map just in case if you rejected my other req

Artist - Title: Frums - VIS::CRACKED
Length: 2:56
Link: beatmapsets/1130287#mania/2622327
Description: the sv’s in DISTORTED are fairly intense, you can look into his own maps (especially in quaver) or pm him for the sv style. Most of the sv’s should be balanced.

Hello sillyp, another sv check req here :3

Artist - Title: beatMARIO - Night of Knights (USAO Remix)
Length: 3:21
Link: beatmapsets/1289966#mania/2677939
Description: the Lunatic diff is sv diff. I was trying to make them to readable

Thanks in advance!!
Hi again, hope this can be accepted before graveyard lol

Artist - Title: Petit Rabbit's - Tenkuu Cafeteria (Rabbit House Bootleg Remix)
Length: 1:28
Link: beatmapsets/1278929
Description: need help with trill section to make them smoother, maybe rest is fine

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