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Just in time for Christmas, I bring you a new release with a few major improvements – specifically focussing on the ability to change graphics settings before playing a map. This was previously known as "fun spoiler", but the settings were limited and hidden off-screen. Now the settings are clearly visible, usable before multiplayer matches start, and more flexible.

Apart from this major change, there have been a few internal optimisations, and the usual bug fixes. Highlights are:

  1. Better transitions between background images on song select.
  2. Widescreen background/video support during play mode (more flexible settings coming soon).
  3. Asynchronous loading of beatmaps (no more frozen screen while loading; can still use chat etc.).
  4. Fixes to OpenGL mode, including less screen flickering and performance improvements.
  5. Ability to specify custom refresh rates frame limiter targets (add to config file RefreshRate=60 works in Direct X full-screen only / CustomFrameLimit=120 works when using the fps-specific frame limiter option only)
  6. Improvements to right-click behaviour on song select.
Known issues I will be fixing in the coming days:
  1. osu! might explode. I made a lot of big changes which haven't been tested on much hardware. Please report all issues in tech support!
  2. Some storyboarded maps may look weird with widescreen support. This will be fixed. If you find such maps, please list them in this tech support thread as examples so I can investigate further.
  3. Maps with no background image may flicker slightly while loading.
  4. Some gameplay elements may look a bit weird in widescreen mode at the moment (results screen / match setup / spinners).
  5. Open GL mode on older windows versions (win2000, maybe xp depending on service pack) may freeze during loading of beatmaps. Please make sure you are on the latest service pack, use Direct X, or upgrade your OS :).
Regarding background deletion:

  1. You can now use the visual settings to set background dim to 100% after passing the map once.
  2. You can pass on any mode – using nofail if you wish – as long as you get a score.
  3. For now, there is a message telling you not to delete backgrounds, but in the not-too-distant future maps with missing files will need to be fixed before they can submit scores.
  4. This will likely be an automated process, but the idea behind these changes is to stop you guys from deleting any more content, as fixing existing deleted files will mean a lengthy and cumbersome download – especially for large libraries.
Enjoy :).

nice, a new fun spoiler~


by the way, i can't seem to update. it says no new things

oh nevermind first post edited
Nice o.o
Nice big visual setting when loading song =D
Will there be a way to disable 16:9 background? I use the images to detect where the notes can appear but now..

BeatofIke wrote:

Nice o.o
perfect, it's really helpful for FL mod
Nice update! I'm looking forward to see more awesome features like this in next year.
Wow. Amazing update! Widescreen backgrounds, and a 100% dim option. This'll take a bit of getting used to.
(and could this be a sign that widescreen bitmaps could be coming?)
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Saph1 wrote:

Will there be a way to disable 16:9 background? I use the images to detect where the notes can appear but now..
Yes, it will be added soon.
My osu crashes after update and I get a semi-transparent box I can't even click on! Here's picture
I am looking forward to a solution to the always existing hyperdash bug in CtB.

The mode is broken and I don't seem to understand why is it low priority.
Yay :D
I still miss No Video mod though...
Love the song select graphics.
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H_Hitachiin wrote:

Yay :D
I still miss No Video mod though...
You can disable video from the visual settings panel.
WoooW !!!

Not the end of the world yet :)

Thank you :D
osu! is crashing a lot after retrying maps.
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