notBrandon's Mania Modding Queue [CLOSED] [NM|M4M|SV]

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notBrandon's Big Boy 4-7K Mania Modding Queue

STATUS: NM: 0/4 | M4M: 0/7

please read the rules
be kind while responding to / giving mods


  1. I have been mapping for almost two years but never really committed myself to the ranking process until now
  2. I like to map LN a lot and would love to mod some LN
  3. I mod patterns, playability and consistency mostly although I can mod things like LN and SV
  4. Use trello for modding status and updates
  5. If your map is amazing I will hype it


  1. 4K MANIA for the best mods but I can also mod 5-7K just not very well
  2. NO (TV size) maps
  3. Do not request the same beatmap twice if you do I will ignore both requests
  4. Do not request M4M or NM when the queue is closed
  5. No joke maps
  6. Can mod most difficulties in 4K, just don't request 8* and up. I can also mod 5-7K at like 3*
  7. M4M confirm with me first and you mod first, I will try and give the same amount of mods (or more) as you gave my map unless I can not find as many things to say

+LN or SV based
+Long songs 5min+
+Stream Maps

M4M always has higher priority than NM
M4M Maps: Blitz Lunar - Child Play Zone
Taishi - bluefieldcreator
mutuals can ignore the rules box


Title - Artist:
Drain time:
Diff(s) to mod:
Favorite Animal:
Map of mine you're modding:


Title - Artist:
Drain time:
Diff(s) to mod:
Favorite Pie:

Disregard this part if you're not looking for SV help.


If you need me to make SVs for your map PM me or Request in here like:

SV request
Artist - Title:
Specifics: (how dense SVs, Difficulty of SVs etc. If blank I will do what I think fits best.)

Currently open with no cap. Even when Queue is closed you are allowed to request these things, unless I say this is closed in this box.


Use trello for modding status and updates, this includes SV people.
I am always looking to improve as a modder / mapper so feel free to give feedback on my modding style! :)

I told you.

Title - Artist: Meguru Mono (TV Size) - Terashima Takuma
Drain time: 1:28
Diff(s) to mod: any diff
Favorite Pie: Don't eat pie often but I like apple pies
Link: beatmapsets/1210663#mania/2520339
Notes: Anime map, follows vocal and percussion.

Thanks in advance!
Title - Artist: ChamJam (TV Size)
Drain time: 1:26
Diff(s) to mod: NM HD
Favorite Pie: Pizza Pie
Link: beatmapsets/1169658#osu/2452006
Notes: Good health always
hi and welcome to the modding world!

Title - Artist: lapix - Voice of Galaxy
Drain time: 5:30
Diff(s) to mod: Echo
Favorite Pie: Cherry Pie
Link: beatmapsets/1207712#mania/2514923
Notes: A bit LN-ish oriented map so I think you will like it


Title - Artist: Tamura Yukari - MERRY MERRY MERRY MENU... Ne!
Drain time: 1:25
Diff(s) to mod: Hd!, Ne!
Favorite Pie: ApplePie from Mcd xD
Link: beatmapsets/510666#mania/1085740
Notes: It's an old mapset. At that time, all mania diffs were good enough for mods. But now, there's new ranking criteria since 2018. So, wanna know is it ok or no, so just focus for the pattern. I've check ranking criteria too. I don't want anything to be missed.

Thank youuuu
Muse Dash
Title - Artist: Innocent Princess - Sasaki Sayaka
Drain time: 1:42
Diff(s) to mod: Any
Favorite Pie: strawberry pie
Link: beatmapsets/1209035
Notes: I think vocal map is fine as well? uwu
Title - Artist: Owl City - Shooting Star [Short Ver.]
Drain time: 1:38
Diff(s) to mod: Any, you can choose
Favorite Pie: Apple Pie
Link: beatmapsets/1210544#mania/2521142
Notes: Hope you like it ^^

Title - Artist: nonoc - Relive
Drain time: 1:28
Diff(s) to mode: What you want
Favorite Pie: Choco Pie
Link: beatmapsets/1178490#mania/2487358
Notes: My first challenge. I'd appreciate it if you could help me!
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uhhh updating trello soon but for now
trello updated

NM : CLOSED | M4M: Open

Title: Fur Elisa

Artist: LEAF XCEED Music Division

Long: 2:35

jenre: Rock (remix beethoven)

diffs: 4 (2.4* | 5* | 6.8* | 7* )

link: beatmapsets/1215474#osu/2529448

M4M thanks
epic man 2
Title - Artist: Hyper Potions & MYLK - Jelly

Drain time: 2:50

Difficulties to moderate: Any difficulty of your choice can be moderated.

Favourite animal: I probably don't have one..

Link: s/1196609

Notes: The middle difficulty needs to be buffed to around 2 - 2.5* so that it can properly be considered a normal difficulty. If you can help me out with it then you'll be credited for doing so, thanks in advance.

Map i'll be modding: Rose Quartz since that is the only map i can mod i guess haha

So anyway, i'll get started with the mod soon.
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hi yes accepted epic man 2 m4m thank you! VectorMS, this is a mania queue lol

m4m still open and NM still closed
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helo it is I

the queueueueueue is open (read the rules or so help me god)
hewo o/

nm req
Title - Artist: zekk - libertas
Drain time: 2:08
Diff(s) to mod: present n future
Favorite Pie: apple pie
Link: beatmapsets/1137604#mania/2386307
Notes: semi sv+stream on top diff

Thanks owo
nm req
Title - Artist: Cold weather - Glass beach
Drain time: 2:16
Diff(s) to mod: Normal, cold weather (2.87*), Need you (3.66*)
Favorite Pie: Satay Chicken pie
Link: beatmapsets/1389938#mania/2870326

Thank you for your time <3
Hello UwU
Title - Artist: Gekka*Midare Botan - Eve feat. Hatsune Miku
Drain time: 4:55
Diff(s) to mod: Sakihokoru(Top Diff)
Favorite Pie: Milk Pie
Link: beatmapsets/1307715#mania/2711124
Notes:Mainly Focus On Drum Sound & Thx U UwU
Title - Artist: Ill - a crowd of rebellion
Drain time: 3:51
Diff(s) to mod: any diff
Favorite Pie: apple pie <3
Link : beatmapsets/1395197
Notes: drum map owo

thanks you so much!
Heyo o/
Taking NM Req

Title - Artist: KING - Amatsuka Uto
Drain time: 2:15
Diff(s) to mod: Any
Favorite Pie: PewDiePie Chocolate Pie
Link: beatmapsets/1377403#mania/2846682
Notes: A simple mapset for anyone to enjoy

Title - Artist: Unterhimmel - Taishi
Drain time: 12:24
Diff(s) to mod: Cosmic Trance
Favorite Animal: M O N K E
Link: beatmapsets/1378280#mania/2848186
Notes: Lots of SV to mod if you're not the best with 7K patterns. Piano/Harp is keysounded.
Map of mine you're modding: Bluefieldcreator


(I'm relatively newer to modding, and it looks like Bluefieldcreator has already been modded a bunch, so I'll try to mod your other m4m map if I can't find anything.)
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Ok all accepted bc these look good, will get to modding soon

queueueueueueueue closed

(lol i died mentally after i accepted these sorry i didnt get around to them but they were all nice i took a look at them)
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