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hi i'm guden and i have been modding for quite some time, if you would like some examples you can look at my recent modding history on my profile. im currently being mentored by Davvy for modding and as such i think ive gained a lot of experience. im very picky with what files i want to mod, so dont expect me to accept everything you request. my mods are also very in depth, and cover everything from hitsounds to spread issues so please make sure your set is fully complete.

1. no anime
2. no "generic" charts (if you label your own chart as generic then its considered generic)
3. only one request per month
4. no keymodes less than 4 or higher than 9
5. MUST have hitsound difficulty if there are hitsounds
↑↑↑ anything idm or shoegaze
↑↑↑ vocal dump
↑↑ technical charts
↑ feryquitous, frums
↑ LN orientated or anti ln spray

- metal
↓ camellia, sdvx
↓↓ jpop + jrock
↓↓↓ large spreads
↓↓↓↓ generic chordstream or generic chordjack
↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ unable to explain your layering properly

note: im only doing nms unless u really want to mod one of my maps (none of them are going for ranked atm)

artist - song:
beatmap link:
metadata link(s):
brief description: (i expect atleast 3 sentences (max 16) explaining your layering, why you chose this song, etc. if you choose not to do this then i will automatically deny your request)
Accepted Requests

please be patient with me, i might take a couple days to a couple weeks to complete requests.
completed requests finished
Sephira Su

request: m4m (mew)
your map link: beatmapsets/1050651#mania/2195913
song name: Beautiful World
artist: YuNi
genre: Electronic/J-Pop
time: 3:51
diffs to mod: there's only one diff (Charming)
info: calm, already modded by many people but i just want 1 more person. i mapped instruments most of the time (also listen carefully to very silent sounds). croco helped me with vocal lns in kiais
m4m map: fake fake fate

thanks in advance
request: M4M (meow for meow)
your map link: beatmapsets/1151946#mania/2447953
song name: Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa
artist: ZUTOMAYO
genre: J-Pop
time: 3:53
diffs to mod: Jealousy
info: wow ln spam lol, clean version of the higher diff, on the kiais I mapped LN for the piano and rice for other structures
m4m map: Tyrfing - Verflucht

thank you !
do. snowy.... .
i am mutual... ...... . .. .

> nm dada!!
> beatmapsets/972340
> toby fox - snowy
> instrumental
> 1:39
> um all of them!!! <3
> it's slow and ranked on quaver
The gaming of mutual

request: NM
your map link: beatmapsets/1198462#mania/2496023
song name: Last Chapter (TV Size)
artist: nano.RIPE
genre: anime/J-pop/J-Rock
time: 1:29
diffs to mod: up to u
info: The map is jump oriented at the top diffs.

Thanks in advance!
hi, i hate chicken lol

request: NM
your map link: beatmapsets/1128003#mania/2356497
song name: Einherjar Joker
artist: DJ Genki vs Gram
genre: Video game / hardcore
time: 2:15
diffs to mod: any up to u
info: last diff is LN

request: give me nm give me nm give me nm give me nm give me nm give me nm fuck you
link: beatmapsets/1181825#mania/2481077
song name: Monochrome Butterfly
artist: Aitsuki Nakuru
genre: jpop/jrock i dont know
time: 1 minute 26 seconds
diffs to mod: easy/hard
info: ur coc is smal this map is so basic

ok bye BITCH
i probably should just ask you on discord but i do not care
Noch Einen
i thought tokyo towa is already mutual :psy:

request: NM
your map link: beatmapsets/1171748#mania/2444093
song name: Palette Dance
artist: StPri
genre: J-Pop
time: 4:02
diffs to mod: you may pick one of the 4k (or both)
info: variation inside repetition, vocal mapping

bima fajar

request: M4M
your map link: beatmapsets/1074098/#mania/2473371
song name: Tomoshibi no Manimani (TV Size)
artist: Tsubaki Aoi (CV: Touyama Nao)
genre: J-Pop/Anime/Oriental
time: 1:29
diffs to mod: Any
info: Just generic map with Hand Balancing (maybe)
m4m map: Tyrfing - Verflucht
additional info: I will try to Mod your map :D

Thanks in Advance

Edit : M4M
Topic Starter
closing for now, accepted most requests except blacklisted expect mods within 2 weeks :D
Topic Starter
re-opening queue

status from last batch:
Sephira Su - Beautiful World: accepted and completed
HowToPlayLN - Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa: accepted and completed
fvrex - snowy: accepted and completed
Doofyplayer - Last Chapter: waitlisted requested by user
angki - Einherjar Joker: rejected - i really dislike this song and there is so many issues with hiigher diffs that i am unable to mod without completely redo-ing most sections of the chart.
BaniiYanii - Monochrom BUtterfly: rejected - blacklisted
Noch Einen - Palette Dance rejected - sorry but after a long time, i realized i didnt have the mindset to mod this and it gave me 0 motivation to continue doing mods.
bima fajar - Tomoshibi no Manimani: accepted and completed

sorry this status update took so long
queue is reopened, please request more m4m as its more likely to get accepted!! thanks.
Salty Mermaid
bruh, i haven't opened my modding queue in 10 days and I still feel like it's too early to open again.

anyways, here's my request

request: nm (gotta take advantage of the whitelist thing huehuehue)
your map link: beatmapsets/842099#mania/1762138
song name: Broken
artist: Magnetude
genre: dnb
time: 5:27, tho there's a whole lot of calm sections.
diffs to mod: Shattered
info: The SVs, I'd say. I think they are pretty good, but I've played the map so many times that I've memorized them all, so I'm not too sure if they actually are.
m4m map: I hate chicken, but I actually kinda like chicken

Welp thanks, bruh.
hey >w<

request: NM
your map link: beatmapsets/1213465#mania/2525497
song name: 1,000,000 TIMES
artist: MY FIRST STORY feat. chelly (EGOIST)
genre: J-rock
time: 1:28
diffs to mod: any
info: well, i know in ur rules if "no anime". but i dont have another map >_< btw i think this song is not from anime, but from video game (yeah i can find this anime, so this's not anime i think)

thank in advance and sorry :"
request: nm
your map link: beatmapsets/1185393#mania/2470834
song name: Proluvies ("abyssum oblivionis" Long ver.)
artist: Camellia
genre: Camellia
time: 4:20
diffs to mod: chasm
info: yo listen up here's the story about a little guy that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue like him inside and outside blue his house with a blue little window and a blue corvette and everything is blue for him and himself and everybody around cuz he aint got nobody to listen
i hate chicken

request: nm
your map link: beatmapsets/886692/
song name: BBoom BBoom
artist: MOMOLAND
genre: K-Pop
time: 3:11
diffs to mod: any
info: idk i think if you like LN you can mod this, also kpop because they're cute

i love chicken wyd
hi there owo/

request: NM
your map link: beatmapsets/1213772#mania/2526132
song name: 1,000,000 TIMES
artist: MY FIRST STORY feat. chelly (EGOIST)
genre: J-Rock
time: 5:10
diffs to mod: A Million
info: please kindly read the description box if this map is accepted. this map contains of 4k, jumptrill, LN, quad, SV.

Thank you and I hate chicken if it's boiled D:
Hello here!

request: m4m (meow)
your map link: beatmapsets/1213588#mania/2525715
song name: Exitium
artist: Laur
genre: j-core/speedcore
time: 2:17
diffs to mod:Any is ok:)
info: hmmmmmmm...I think it's challenging for some high level players?The highest diff contains 260BPM jack,stream and jumptrill.
m4m map: sokoninaru - fake fake fate

Thank you and I will try my best although I am not confident in my modding level.
request: NM
your map link: beatmapsets/1111754
song name: Hypnotize
artist: Camellia vs. lapix
genre: Electronic
time: 5:02
info: A collaboration with former Elite Nominator _Kobii, Hypnotize is a challenging LN-jack hybrid map accompanied by an upbeat electronic song designed to test the player's stamina and reading skills. Both of us put great effort into its production and did our best to step outside of our comfort zone, which has resulted in some uncommon patterning in the Ranked section. We hope you'll enjoy it.
m4m map: N/A

Sephira Su
you wanted to practise making hitsounds so here is my request

special request: hs
your map link: beatmapsets/1168156#mania/2437210
song name: Hikari no Hou e
artist: PSYQUI
genre: electronic
time: 4:25
diffs to mod:

p.s. check discord pms

also i really hate you and chick

request: NM
your map link: beatmapsets/1088978
song name: Appeasement (Short ver.)
artist: SVENS
genre: Chiptune
time: 1:27
diffs to mod: any
info: Jack map from Russia (with love)
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