[osu!mania 4k only] [m4m] [nm] [maybe gd] new mappers modding queue!

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Hi hej hello!
Ive been mapping for a little over half a year and decided to make my own modding queue, keep in mind that im not super experienced but i think i can spot some simple things aswell as come with ideas that might be new to you.

m4m is a lot more likely to get picked, nm comes down to if i like the song aswell as map.
If you feel like my mod is not good enough, feel free to treat it as a nm but you have to support your choice if thats the case aswell as message me about it

Again, ive only mapped for around 7/8 months and i can also be lazy sometimes, sorry if my mods are not super in depth or not to your expectations.
I can also be a bit slow with modding, if accept your request but dont mod it for like a week, send me a message on osu or discord
What's your problem Green?#5150

For GD, its HIGHLY subjective if i do it or not, all comes down to if i like the song aswell as what diff youd like a gd on, i much prefer doing higher diff because of less boundries

Side note, i message that ive accepted once i start modding. Also dont forget to check trello if youre unsure if im done with your map or not
* MUST be 4k
* Under 6 min (wont decline if its 6:11 or something like that)
* Has to be a serious attempt
* m4m i mod first!!!
* Read my latest post

Guidelines(Not following these doesnt mean i wont take it)
* I prefer techno and all that, speedcore frenchcore hardcore blah blah blah
* Id much rather mod maps between the sr of 3-5, dont want overly simple maps but not overly complex maps either
* Easier for me to mod a single diff, so choose a prefered diff, i might mod more though
Artist - Song
m4m/nm (if m4m: include which of my maps)
Prefered diff
Info (such as sr, lenght, genre and type of chart) Doesnt have to be included
Beatmap Link

For GD Request
Beatmap link/ song link
What GD you want
Some of my maps are graveyarded, and some are not going for ranked but just aim to be a fun chart.

Yooh - Destiny* (mapset not complete)
Tonari no niwa wa aoi (niwashi + Aoi) - Xicholauncher mapset not complete
Sampling Master MEGA - On Take SUN
Kors K - Playing With Fire*
Ace Aura - Flow
Team Grimoire - Vafthruthnir*
S3RL - Berserk ft. Iceman
* is prefered to mod

Mappers of any experience are welcomed
Happy mapping!
Feel free to ask me for playtest aswell
Trello to check status
Request* Ive seen your request, but its not accepted yet
Accepted* Ive accepted your request but have not started modding
Modding* Im currently modding to the best of my abilities (can take a while sometimes)
Finalizing* Ive modded and is waiting to see if you like it aswell as your response
Completed* Im done and wont come back to it unless there is a reason for it
Declined* Self explanetory, most likely i couldnt find something to mod or i unfortunately disliked the song (not the map itself) soz :(
Welcome to the modding community :o

Artist - Song: Camellia - #1f1e33
m4m/nm: NM
Prefered diff: Hard
Info (such as sr, length, genre and type of chart) Doesnt have to be included:
SR: 3.57*
Length: 2:38
Genre: Electronic
Type of chart: somewhat streamy
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1181911#mania/2464236

Much Thanks! :D
Shima Rin
Artist - Song: Evin a'k - Coffin dance (Hard Renaissance)
m4m/nm: nm
Prefered diff: Normal, Hard, Insane
Info (such as sr, lenght, genre and type of chart): small 4K mapset. Not really much to say.
Beatmap Link:

Thanks in advance!

Artist - Song: Hirano Aya - God Knows...
m4m/nm: NM
Prefered diff: Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane
Info (such as sr, lenght, genre and type of chart): There are 4 difficulty levels in 4K, but you don't have to look at 6K.
Beatmap Link:

Thank you!
hello M4M request here

Artist - Song : Hatsuki Yura - Drivi'n greedy - Nhato Remix -
m4m/nm : M4M
Prefered diff : it only has one diff
Info (such as sr, lenght, genre and type of chart) Doesnt have to be included : a 5:16 minutes map with LN style pattern
Beatmap Link : beatmapsets/1181301

i'll mod your Playing with Fire by kors k

thank you very much
Artist - Song: t+pazolite - Tempestissimo
Preferred diff: any diffs that you found problems
Info (such as sr, length, genre, and type of chart): 1.7 to 5.6, kinda speedcore but it isn't, it's just fast enough. 2 minutes with 6 diffs.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1179815#mania/2460194

Thank you so much, welcome to the community.
hey there

Artist - Song: Kobaryo - Villain Virus
m4m/nm: nm
Prefered diff: any diff works but Extra is piority (may be subject to massive changes btw)
Info: Stream based map, contains sv. SR is pretty accurate tbh. and it’s a speedcore map, typical of kobaryo.
Beatmap Link - beatmapsets/1104179#mania/2344486

hi pogu man
hihi o/

Artist - Song: A Himitsu - Lost Within
m4m/nm :nm
Prefered diff : only one diffs
Info: sinceu prefer modding one diffs, i might just give u marthon, rice + short LN
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1159083#mania/2456662

ty owo

Artist - Song: Camellia - feel my conscious
m4m/nm: m4m beatmapsets/1185778#mania/2471590
prefered diff: re-activ//e
Info: uhm its 6:44 but atleast a minute of it is calm sections that dont really have anything to mod in them, also jack + SV
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1176152#mania/2453117

Pm if u accept ty

Artist - Song : massive new krew - darsana
m4m/nm (if m4m: include which of my maps) : nm
Prefered diff : lower diff are prioritized
Info (such as sr, lenght, genre and type of chart) Doesnt have to be included : well ez & nm just following drum and synth. accoustic has ln pattern that need some mod. yeah hs is still wip (forgive me )
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1113390

ty uwu

edit: ultra diff has ln pattern not accoustic
lol my bad

edit 2: i change my mind. would you mind if i ask for gd?

Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1113390
diff : insane sr around 4*


Artist - Song : Nanahira - Bakubaire! Match Uri no Haken Shoujo
m4m/nm : NM
Preferred diff : Hard Diff or the last diff, or you can choose whatever you like
Info : SV on the last diff
Beatmap Link : beatmapsets/1181237#mania/2476511

Hi there!

Artist - Song: ginkiha x t+pazolite x Hommarju - CROSSING DELTA
m4m/nm: NM
Prefered diff: topdiff or insane might need some help owo
Info : pretty clean map overall, no complicated stuff, stream + small amount sv + ln
Beatmap Link : beatmapsets/1063841#mania/2462837

thanks in advance!

Artist-Song: sakuraburst - deconstructing nature
Prefered Diff: blooming flowers
Info: Not too much to say, 3:59 length, expect some easy streams, no SV (at least for now).
Link: beatmapsets/1175488

Thanks in advance >.<)b

Artist - Song: Primary - Naked flyer
m4m/nm: NM
Prefered diff: Collab Hard
Info: easy map good for beginner players
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1112728#mania/2324686

thx in advance <3
Artist - Song: Goreshit - The Dancecore Element
m4m/nm: NM
Prefered diff: there is just one xd
Info: 5* stamina map, trills and some kind of stairs
Lenght: 2:26
hello, gonna make a NM req

Artist - Song : YUC'e - Future Cider
m4m/nm : NM
Prefered diff : GDer's diff (whether Hard or Insane)
Info (such as sr, lenght, genre and type of chart): Hard 3.2 and Insane 4, 3:58 lenght, Electronic
Beatmap Link : beatmapsets/1168331#mania/2469409

thank you
Artist - Song: toby fox - Last Goodbye
m4m/nm: NM
Prefered diff: Determination (the only one haha)
Info: easy 3,75 stars map, very LN oriented with some jacks at the beggining, trying also to hitsound, actually my first map.
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1050563#mania/2195741
thank u in advance :)
Noch Einen
Artist - Song: mafumafu - Sacrifice (TV Size)
m4m/nm: m4m, i'll take Destiny when its done (and my map isnt declined)
Prefered diff: idk, you choose
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1222339#mania/2542447

check the notes before modding mine :trigurdank:
DJ Genki vs Gram - Einherjar joker
NM request
any diff
info: LN map + stream
Beatmap Link: beatmapsets/1128003#mania/2356497

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