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Hey everyone, so i finally finished my first insane map :D. It was Shontelle - Impossible (Nightcore Mix), and i was hoping to get some suggestions for other insane maps that are of similar difficulty to practice on.

Would looking at the BPM of the one i just completed and comparing it to other ones be the best way to go?
BPM is not an indication of difficulty, it's an indication of tempo.
That said, higher tempos are generally harder to play, but it depends on what you play a lot and what you're used to.

Just play every single map your folder once and then try to do better on ones you performed less good on.

You can use the OWC3 map pools to find "easy Insanes" \:D/
I wouldn't just go by BPM, there are some rather difficult low bpm songs, and some easy high bpm songs - it depends on how it's mapped.

Just play a bunch of songs, find a few you like, even if they're a bit hard, and practice those. You'll have a better time if you're practicing songs you actually enjoy.
Just look through the rankings and pick those with lots of DoubleTime plays.
If you're looking for similar intensity in play, look at objects/second. You've done a 2:41 song with 506 objects, so I'd look at maps that have about 100 objects per 30 seconds... with shorter maps you should look for a bit more than with longer ones.
For easy insanes, I would look for songs where the top 50 is all DoubleTime FC's, and there are a couple Hidden+DoubleTime SS scores at the top.
TV saizu.

Dunno if it is an Insane. It's more like Hard+ for me.
With that song Laharl I think Fate is really the Insane to be honest.

As for easy Insanes, i'll post them later as I can't remember right now as i'm in college >:
search kioukiou
Search for maps with a high user rating. This is because if a map is easy to FC people are (in general) more generous when rating the map.
So high rating --> means rather easy to FC (or a lot of score)

But only search ranked maps since Approved maps have a higher rating in general despite being harder.
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Thanks for all the help everyone :), got lots of songs to practice now.
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