[STD] osu! Asia Oceania Tournament 2! (hosted by Fuma) [CONCLUDED]

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Welcome to the second iteration of osu! Asia Oceania Tournament.
I recommend skimming through this forum post first before asking questions!

- o!AOT#1 > o!AOT#2 > o!AOT#3 -

  1. This is an osu! standard tournament.
  2. This is a 2v2 tournament consisting of 2 to 4 players per team.
  3. This tournament is open to any rank range.
  4. This tournament is restricted to players with Asian Oceanic country flag (list of eligible countries).
  5. The match will be set as ScoreV2, Team vs., with NoFail on.
  6. The tournament will follow the double elimination bracket.
  7. For more information, refer to the rules document on the links section above.

  1. Open Registration: May 31
  2. Close Registration: Jun 21
  3. Player Screening: Jun 21 - 28
  4. Qualifiers: Jul 3 - 5
  5. Round of 32, Bo11: Jul 10 - 12
  6. Round of 16, Bo11: Jul 18 - 19
  7. Quarterfinals, Bo13: Jul 25 - 26
  8. Semifinals, Bo13: Aug 1 - 2
  9. Finals, Bo15: Aug 8 - 9
  10. Grandfinals, Bo15: Aug 15 - 16

First place: profile badge + supporter (undecided amount)
Second place: supporter (undecided amount)
Third place: supporter (undecided amount)

Rosemi Lovelock
lets go
Hello, I’m here just to remind if one wants to register, make sure to glance through the rules as the some of the tournament mechanism is different from most traditional tournament.

For example, the 2nd ban is awarded after the 4th map played. (If there is 2nd ban from the corresponding stage)
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Hello, just another bump because there is less than one week left to the registration phase of this tournament!
There is only two more days until we close the registration (21/06/2020, 15:00 UTC). I wish everyone luck for those who participates in osu! Asia Oceania Tournament 2!
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