The Skin Compendium 2 [Updated: 04/Dec/2012]

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A second version of the Skin Compendium, a bit more active.

How to get your skin in the Compendium:
Send me a PM (a little description of it and a link to your skin's topic) that you want your skin in the Compendium, BUT it needs to be at last v1.0 (because incomplete skins don't "fit" very well inside here)

I also took the list from Dragvon's post, so I don't need to rewrite everything

Number of Skins: 165
.Hack//LINK by sakuratears
[Hiroto Kiyama] Star Line by _lan_ +CTB

Alice Margatroid by MLGnom
Akiyama Mio by -Moccha_chii-
Amigo by LuigiHann UPDATER-avaliable
Angel Beats by Clemaister
Assassin's Creed by Chibi_Fox
Audition Theme by Davidz123
Awpforce skin by Todesengal +CTB
Azusa Nakano by Leorda +CTB

BackwordsOsu! by Starrodkirby86
Bakuman by YuiiMugii + CTB
Black Jack by An64fan
Black ★ Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter) by Nanao-kun
Bleachuss by Utena + CTB
Bloody Mess by IppE602
Bobobo-bo-bo-bobo by Behonkiss

Cantabile by LuigiHann UPDATER-avaliable
Card Captor Sakura by -Sekai-
Cartoon by KiraCatgirl UPDATER-avaliable
Cherry Blossom by _lan_ + CTB
Chocola&Vanilla by kona x taros
Christmas Skin by LuigiHann UPDATER-avaliable
Chrono Crosu! by dumpsterdiver UPDATER-avaliable
Clarity by Atmey
CLANNAD by S i R i R u
Cirnoskin by Natteke desu
Code Geass ~ Lelouch of the Rebellion by S i R i R u
Coraline by Garfieldo
Cyber Skin by Danzai +CTB

D. Gray Man by ryukkira
D.Gray Man by Alytha
DarkRed by Dragvon
Deep Sea by Shinde
Devil Survivorosu by x3ns0r
Disgaea by Shinde
DJ Skin by Davidz123 +CTB
DJMAX by Cyclone
Donkey Konga! by Drezus +Taiko
Drawn to life by CoolBoy963

Earthbound by Flipjick
Ecchi Skin by Dragvon
Elite Beat Osu! by LuigiHann UPDATER-avaliable
Epic Fail skin by Yavistw
Erosure by Vectomon
Eureka Seven by sp1ky

Fantasy Beat Pangya! by Nya-Chan! +CTB
Final Fantasy VII by Xiaounlimited
Flandre Scarlet by MLGnom
Full Color Skin by JeMhUnTeR +Taiko +Mania
Full Color Skin: SAO by JeMhUnTeR +Taiko +Mania
Furry by krazeek

Glass by Gens
GlaDOSu by Loofah
Golden Flurish Skin! by Akazumix3 +Taiko +CTB
grungosu! by Fraeon UPDATER-avaliable
GLOOMY BEAR by kona x taros +Taiko +CTB

Halloween Town by Garfieldo
Haruhi ism by Alex0686 UPDATER-avaliable
Hakurei Reimu by MLGnom
Hatsune Miku -Project Osu!- by Nya-Chan
Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl by Chibi_Fox
Hatsundere Miku by Maraiga +CTB
Hayate no Gotoku by S i R i R u
Higurashi & Rozen Maiden by S i R i R u
Heart! by Leorda +CTB
Hex Mania by chaosanime
Holiday by LuigiHann UPDATER-avaliable
Hong Meiling by Leorda
Huit-Bit; Pixelized Paradise by Loogiesquared

iDork by Fraeon UPDATER-avaliable
IIDX osu! - Happy Sky by Xiaounlimited
Iku Nagae by Leorda
Invisosu! by NachoPiggy
Izayoi Sakuya by MLGnom


K-ON! by S i R i R u
K-ON!~Bright~ by DjPop
K-on! Skin v1.5 [ESP] [ENG] by Wassaaaa
Kakashi by dsun UPDATER-avaliable
Kampfer by Nyashkakun
Koi Yomi Zakura by S i R i R u
Kochiya Sanae by MLGnom
Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Shin by Mafiamaster
KIRBY by Catosan980
Kirby vs. Pikachu! by jakbu
Kitsune by Chibi_Fox

Legend of Zelda by Loofah
Lolgay by Agent Spin Here +CTB
Lucky Star by Utena UPDATER-avaliable

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha by MLGnom
Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica by r-Beatz +CTB
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica by Akazumix3 +CTB
Mario skin by Davidz123
Marisa Kirisame by MLGnom
Megaman Classic by Cheshire Delusion +CTB
Mega osu! X by DuoDynamo + CTB
Minimal by CheZDa UPDATER-avaliable
Monochrome/Bad Apple by Rena-chan

Naruto by Davidz123 +CTB
Neko Skin by Kiro-kun + CTB
NES Classic by Level-Up! UPDATER-avaliable
Nightcore Skin [ENG] [ESP] by Wassaaaa
Noized by Fraeon UPDATER-avaliable

Okami by Atmey UPDATER-avaliable
One-Piece by Atmey
Osu! and Wolf skin by Espeon_Master
osu!'s Bizarre Skin by Toki Hakurei
Osu! Ends With you by awp UPDATER-avaliable
Osu! Gurren Dan by Atmey UPDATER-avaliable
Osu! Template by peppy UPDATER-avaliable
Osu! Weegee by WeegeeVsWeegee
oSU!M@STER by Nya-Chan
Osu Rules! by StrayerFox +CTB
osuOnyxXx by Loogiesquared
Osuplankton by LuigiHann UPDATER-avaliable
Ouendan 1 by LuigiHann
Ouendan 2 by devkit4384 UPDATER-avaliable

Pac-Man by LuigiHann UPDATER-avaliable
Patchouli Knowledge by Numbbi +CTB
Persona 4 by DawnII
Phoenix Wright by Level-Up! UPDATER-avaliable
Pikmin by gaph2000
Pokémon by Chibi_Fox
Portal Skin by RandomJibberish
Power of Chaos by ah2190
Power Puff Girls by Cheedar
Precision skin by Yavistw
Professor Layton by RandomJibberish +CTB
Puzzle Bobble by Beuchi-chan +CTB

Qubed by Ijah

Random skin by JarJarJacob
Remilia Scarlet by MLGnom
Rena's Skin by Rena-chan
Reisen UdongeinInaba byMLGnom
Rhapsody by The_Priest_In_Yellow
Reiuji Utsuho (Okuu) by MLGnom

Scott Pilgrim vs osu! by Behonkiss
Shakugan no Shana by MLGnom
Shadow the Hedgehog by TraceTheKriken
Shiruva by devkit4384 UPDATER-avaliable
Shugo Chara by fartownik
SpaceLiZard by Riik
Star-sama! by YtRaM
STARRSZ by Akazumix3 +CTB
Street Fighter IV by Atmey UPDATER-avaliable
StepOsia! by StrayerFox +CTB
Suika Ibuki Skin by YuiiMugii

Taiko no Tatsujin by LuigiHann +Taiko +CTB UPDATER-avaliable
Tails by Kolma
Team Fortress Osu! by Kikaru
Team Fortress 2: Red Team by Engineer-chan
Tekaim by TheGrimOfCrazy
Tenshi Himawari by -Moccha_chii-
Tetris by nintendoto CTB ONLY
The Wind Waker by awp UPDATER-avaliable
To aru Kagaku no Railgun by zengoku +CTB
To Aru Majutsu no Index by DJ_Angel +CTB
Touhou by Cyclone
TOUHOU - Mix by S i R i R u
Touhou - Morden Touhou by chirs2972
Trollercoaster by CapeCanaveral

Umineko Skin by Azure_Kyte +CTB
Utsuho Reiuji Skin by Chompey +CTB
Utsuho Reiuji by Xafnia +CTB
Upsidosu! by remmi892

Vampire Knight by Alytha +CTB
Viking by The_Priest_In_Yellow

WarioWare Skinned! by Behonkiss UPDATER-avaliable
WhiteAndBlackES by Yavistw
WhiteGrunge by Loogiesquared

Xi-Style by Xiaounlimited UPDATER-avaliable

Yoshitaka Nishimura by giuly-nyah +CTB +Taiko
Yowane Haku by Leorda +CTB
Yume Nikki by Baka-Otome
Yuyuko Saigyouji by -Moccha_chii-

Number of Artists: 74
Akiyama Mio
Tenshi Himawari
Yuyuko Saigyouji

Card Captor Sakura

[Hiroto Kiyama] Star Line +CTB
Cherry Blossom + CTB

Power of Chaos

[Agent Spin Here]
Lolgay +CTB

Okami UPDATER-avaliable
Osu! Gurren Dan UPDATER-avaliable
Street Fighter IV UPDATER-avaliable

Osu! Ends With you UPDATER-avaliable
The Wind Waker UPDATER-avaliable

Umineko Skin +CTB

Yume Nikki

Scott Pilgrim vs osu!
WarioWare Skinned! UPDATER-avaliable

Puzzle Bobble +CTB



Power Puff Girls

[Cheshire Delusion]
Megaman Classic +CTB

Minimal UPDATER-avaliable

Touhou - Morden Touhou

Hatsune Miku - Rolling Girl

Utsuho Reiuji Skin +CTB

Angel Beats

Drawn to life


Audition Theme
DJ Skin +CTB
Mario skin
Naruto +CTB

Cyber Skin +CTB

Persona 4

Ouendan 2
Shiruva UPDATER-avaliable

To Aru Majutsu no Index +CTB


Ecchi Skin

Donkey Konga! +Taiko

Chrono Crosu! UPDATER-avaliable

Mega osu! X + CTB

Kakashi UPDATER-avaliable

Osu! and Wolf skin

Team Fortress 2: Red Team

Shugo Chara


grungosu! UPDATER-avaliable
iDork UPDATER-avaliable
Noized UPDATER-avaliable


Halloween Town


Bloody Mess

Kirby vs. Pikachu!

Random skin

Team Fortress Osu!

Cartoon UPDATER-avaliable

Neko Skin + CTB


[kona x taros]


Azusa Nakano +CTB
Heart! +CTB
Hong Meiling
Iku Nagae
Yowane Haku +CTB

NES Classic UPDATER-avaliable
Phoenix Wright UPDATER-avaliable

Amigo UPDATER-avaliable
Cantabile UPDATER-avaliable
Elite Beat Osu! UPDATER-avaliable
Holiday UPDATER-avaliable
Osuplankton UPDATER-avaliable
Ouendan 1
Pac-Man UPDATER-avaliable
Taiko no Tatsujin +Taiko

Legend of Zelda

Huit-Bit; Pixelized Paradise

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki Shin

Hatsundere Miku +CTB

Alice Margatroid
Flandre Scarlet
Hakurei Reimu
Izayoi Sakuya
Kochiya Sanae
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Marisa Kirisame + CTB
Remilia Scarlet
Shakugan no Shana


Black ★ Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter)

[Natteke desu]


Patchouli Knowledge +CTB

Fantasy Beat Pangya! +CTB
Hatsune Miku -Project Osu!-


osu! Template UPDATER-avaliable

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica +CTB


Monochrome/Bad Apple
Rena's Skin


D. Gray Man

[S i R i R u]
Code Geass ~ Lelouch of the Rebellion
Hayate no Gotoku
Higurashi & Rozen Maiden
Koi Yomi Zakura
kona x taros
thanks \:D/
Finally a updated Skin Compendium. It would be helpful for new Player who looking for Skins.
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xHeroes wrote:

Finally a updated Skin Compendium. It would be helpful for new Player who looking for Skins.
It is not updated now. It uses every entry from the old compendium, but I added an Artist-sorted View of it (work-in-progress) :3
this might be an active one...
I'm waiting for more posts in this one...
this is helped me a lot (since The Skin Compendium isn't active and update anymore), it's so much faster than searching each page one by one
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2 new skins:
Chocolat&Vanilla by kona x taros
GLOOMY BEAR by kona x taros

25 Artists (will get more today)

OsuMe65 wrote:

this might be an active one...
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Summary - 01/Dez/2012

2 new skins:
Chocolat&Vanilla by kona x taros
GLOOMY BEAR by kona x taros

42 Artists
Check the last pages of old thread for more skins that people wanted to add. :3
will you please pin this...? :)
Ja, Dezember, gut gut :D

Sorry, can't help it
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XPJ38 wrote:

Ja, Dezember, gut gut :D

Sorry, can't help it
Geez, I'll fix it today. Haven't looked at this...was to busy adding 40 Artist and always switching between some documents.
[Deleted commentary]
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Added 6 Skins:
Tekaim (includes Tekaim 2:Revamped) by TheGrimOfCrazy
Reiuji Utsuho by MLGnom
Full Color Skin by JeMhUnTeR
Full Color Skin: SAO by JeMhUnTeR
Qubed by Ijah
osu!'s Bizarre Skin by Toki Hakurei

Removed the +CTB-Tag from MLGnom's Skin: Marisa Kirisame

And for the statistic's I have to add that Reiuji Utsuho is MLGnom's 10th Skin in the Skin Compendium! :3

TechnikaFlash wrote:

And for the statistic's I have to add that Reiuji Utsuho is MLGnom's 10th Skin in the Skin Compendium! :3
Actually 11th because you haven't added my Reisen Udongein Inaba skin into artists list. ^^;
And Thank you.
oh... (._. )/

EDIT: it seems that you forgot mine... ( ._.)
Toki Hakurei
You seem to have forgot to put me under the artist list.
seems like artists haven't been updated.
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