t+pazolite - Tempestissimo [OsuMania|Taiko]

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Kuo Kyoka
This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 11:03:59 PM

Artist: t+pazolite
Title: Tempestissimo
Source: Arcaea
Tags: lowiro Black Fate Chapter IV 対立 Tairitsu Speedcore Video Game Instrumental Anomaly Heartache Debug Critical_Star Ichigaki Dellvangel Amaryllis taiko_maniac1811 Raytoly Rhytoly Akasha
BPM: 231
Filesize: 19364kb
Play Time: 02:16
Difficulties Available:
  1. 1811's Inner Oni (6.36 stars, 997 notes)
  2. 1811's Oni (5.17 stars, 744 notes)
  3. Beyond | Crescendo - 4Key (5.37 stars, 1867 notes)
  4. CS' Finale | Divine Decimation on High - 4Key (5.7 stars, 2024 notes)
  5. Dell's Present | Intermezzo - 4Key (3.5 stars, 1345 notes)
  6. Ichi's Future | Onslaught - 4Key (4.6 stars, 1695 notes)
  7. Past | Convergence - 4Key (2.41 stars, 849 notes)
  8. Primitive | Overture - 4Key (1.55 stars, 432 notes)
  9. Raytoly's Beyond (6.99 stars, 1197 notes)
  10. Raytoly's Futsuu (3.27 stars, 427 notes)
  11. Raytoly's Muzukashii (4.5 stars, 631 notes)

Download: t+pazolite - Tempestissimo
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

"The path was blazed by the worst recollections of mankind.
And what remains at the end is and ever will be the end."

| Arcaea |
| Background | Artist | Music | Hitsound |
Tempestissimo (Song/BG) and Tairitsu (Character) belong to lowiro. All credits goes to the respective owner. We've owned nothing from these said contents except for the chart itself.
Please do support Arcaea, this is the most mind-blowing mobile game I've ever seen. From the chart to the story, all are so well-constructed.

Black Fate
| Equililbrium | Tempestissimo | Arcahv |

Please turn on storyboard for a better experience!
The beatmap has been built under a small gimmick
being made by storyboard.
It can be seen before the chorus and at the end of the map.
Some effects of it were inspired by this map.
You can also turn the storyboard off before the map started
as the map doesn't rely on the storyboard.
The same creation were made in this following map: ETIA. - Singularity.
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