Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Saturday, December 08, 2007 at 11:53:08 PM

Artist: Super Mario Galaxy
Title: Gusty Garden
BPM: 152
Filesize: 3494kb
Play Time: 1844:15
Difficulties Available:
  1. Normal (2.67 stars, 122 notes)
  2. Hard (4.39 stars, 215 notes)
Download: Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
I sure do love me some orchestrated Mario music. :D

Alright, I've finished up the normal difficulty, made a hard difficulty, added a good number of whistles, and played though each difficulty atleast 10 times to check for timing issues. I feel good about every part of this beatmap. I killed the background because it sucked. I hope you like teal.

I've messed with the whistles and I feel that they now add emphasis to the song without feeling overused. I'm pretty much done.
I HATE YOU. I wanted to map this so much. There's other great SMG music I might do (Good Egg Galaxy being my favourite), but this struck me as the best suited to a beatmap.

It's pretty good, though. Maybe do a harder difficulty, because it's fairly simple. Also, someone else should probably check the offset for you, because it looks very wrong to me. If you can't get the first note on the first beat, you should probably ask for someone to do that before you start mapping, or it becomes a bigger headache, and then again when you need to fix EVERYTHING later. I recommend aiming to stay to 1/4 beat snapping most of the time. The BPM is probably wrong, too, unless you're really confident in that for some reason.
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I did Gusty Garden because it seemed the easiest to do a beatmap for.

I messed with the BPM for a little bit, then realized that I could spam 1/8th notes and still be accurate. The BPM did kinda work for the beginning, though, when I was messing with it.

Yeah, I'll mess with the offset, I put it as whatever it was, then about halfway through the song realized that the first beat was a little bit before it when I was retiming everything...


I checked it over, my BPM seems fine (note: I don't know anything about a good BPM, but the actual notes seem synced), and I fixed my offset. I only used 1/8th notes for a little bit, and then the song kinda slid back onto the 1/4th notes again. I'll go over it some more, but if someone wants to fix my BPM, feel free.
I redid it with the BPM at 76. I have no idea if it's right, so someone else should probably do it, but it sounds good to me, and there are very few 1/8 notes now. Also repositioned a few things that should make it more playable... Although that's really your job, I felt like being helpful. >_> Only in a couple of places, anyway.

Download: Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden (Gunzil) [Normal Revised].osu
I agree with Impossible, though I'll suggest double the BPM to 152, change the offset to 9,880, and half the slider velocity to 1.3. Don't forget to resnap all beats after changing all of these settings too.
I've tried downloading it multiple times, but the Mp3 simply doesn't seem to be in the .osz.
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I just force uploaded. Try it again. :|
It's working now, thanks.

I find Normal mode better then Hard, which is funny because I usually don't like easier modes.
Hard just seems too... I dunno. Jumbled? I can't really explain it. The Mushroom Slider was awesome, though.
Normal is definitely more fitting, for some reason.
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Probably because I actaully follow the beat on Normal. On hard I couldn't think of a way to add more notes and therefore increase difficulty, since it's such a slow song, so I kinda added strings of 1/4 notes that don't directly follow the song. I thought it worked out pretty well.
Mmm, well, I definitely liked the Mario-themed sliders in Hard Mode. Don't really see any glaring problems with this beat map, except as some people said, hard mode seemed a bit jumbled as I found some beats to be somewhat scattered during play. While spacing didn't seem to be much of an issue, I found a few (only a few) beats had either too much spacing or too little spacing.

For the normal mode, it's perfect. :)

I like how you arranged the beats on the map, it followed the song very nicely. :P
Ah, my post wasn't posted apparently...

Well, anyway, those are lovely beatmaps. A few things I don't like are...
a) The beats are to small IMO. Make them bigger and use the space and the spacing between the beats better.
b) In Hard-Mode, you have double-beats where is only one beat in the song.
The song goes like
Bamm Bamm Bamm
And you entered beats that sound like
Ba-Bamm Ba-Bamm Ba-Bamm

Nice idea for a challenge but it gets kinda confusing and is drifting too far away from the actual song, I think. You may stick to it but... I don't like it much.

But yeah, as I said, sweet maps.
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Well, the problem is it's hard to make the song much harder if I already have used all the actual beats from the song in Normal.

And the other problem is the fact that I timed everything, so it all sounds perfect to me. Maybe if I got a MOD'S OPINION I could see if I need to change anything or not.

Edit: Actaully I might end up deleting hard mode if everyone hates it. :|
First off, I don't think you should need a mod's opinion - that would suggest that we are automatically somehow "more correct" in our opinions than other people. Sure, moderators are less likely to provide misinformation than a random n'er-do-gooder, but I think you should consider everyone's opinion equally.

Onto discussion of the beatmap: I don't know what everyone's problem with "hard" is, either. I don't think of it as me striking notes to the beat of the music; I like to think of it as me lending some percussion to the song, like I'm part of the creation of the music when I play the beatmap on hard. The notes were well-spaced/timed and intuitive and everything, and I had no real troubles playing through it my first time on a buttery mouse (I just watched Resident Evil okay I was eating popcorn at my desk). My only real suggestion, based on my first impression, is: smooth out the mushroom and question mark sliders. They'll look so much nicer =D

Oh, also: whistle overkill. Big-time whistle overkill.

EDIT: Kay, one last thing. The four notes at 1:46:50 should be redone (in my opinion at least). I played around with it a bit and most of the notes actually come in at quarter beats. I changed the section to have beats at the following positions:

and I moved the slider to 1:47:59

I'm not attaching an osu because chances are these changes are preference-based and I'd rather you play with it yourself to get a feel of what's right.

Gunzil wrote:

Well, the problem is it's hard to make the song much harder if I already have used all the actual beats from the song in Normal.

And the other problem is the fact that I timed everything, so it all sounds perfect to me. Maybe if I got a MOD'S OPINION I could see if I need to change anything or not.

Edit: Actaully I might end up deleting hard mode if everyone hates it. :|
No, nonono! It's fine, really. Just make the beats Normal-size in Normal-mode and a bit smaller in harder mode and replace them. And just get rid of a few double-beats in hard mode, especially to the end. That really is everything that is bothering me, otherwise it's a GREAT map.
Great work on this. The only thing I'd question is the offset seems a bit early to me. I'll grab eyup's opinion on this tomrorow (or anyone else if they beat eyup? :)) and once we get taht sorted, this is ready for ranking.

Good job, again. I really like the rhythm in hard and don't think the extra beats are overkill - really adds a nice feel.

EDIT: 1:30 - 1:35 on hard needs to be snapped! Its currently sitting off-beat.
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It was more me whining about the lack of posts from mods than placing the opinions of the mods as higher. >____>

Anyways, I've smoothened out the sliders, and followed Peppy and awp's advice about timing (I made the blue slider end on 1:46:60 and got rid of the double beats. The song slowed down there so it didn't need them). Now that I've looked at my map with a headache, I'm also noticing WAY TOO MANY WHISTLES. I'll work on rethinking those now.


Alright, I'm done, tell me if you like the less whistles.
If you left it as Normal, I think it's a perfect map,
but transfer the special sliders into normal.
Also a background would be nice.
thank you for this beatmap ~!
I'm ranking this. I see no problem with this map - only thing it could do with is a background... so tell me if you want to add one later on gunzil.
i simply enjoyed this map from start to finish, although it gets kind of frustrating in the hard mode map, since i cant seem to time the double beats right, but that's my problem haha. gotta train up my skills lol. congrats for the map being ranked! :)
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