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Wooooo finally! Here is a brief list of features that have been added. See the changelog for the uncensored stuff.

(+) New timing control screen.
(+) osu! associates itself with .osz files, and can load them by double-clicking a beatmap file directly!
(+) Samplesets can be defined per timing section.
(+) In-game song rating system.
(+) Time signature support added.
(+) Replay control buttons.
(+) Auto chat login/hiding.
(+) Audio controls on main menu.
(+) Full chat mode & Spectator mode.
(+) Ghost S/SS rankings (for hidden mode achievements).
(*) eyupstars v1.1 (currently in osu! only - no web support).
(*) Editor improvements all-round.
(*) New icons to show what status a beatmap has in song selection.
(*) Many improvements to gameplay accuracy.
(*) Many many many many many bug fixes.
(*) Fixed slider tick PC reboot bug.

I'll add some screenshots here soon.
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