[osu!taiko] Taiko 2v2 Convert Tourney v2 [Done]

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also if you need a teammate, there is a channel where you can ask for someone to join in
Click here to see first version!
Thanks to Nick for the Badge Design!


Welcome to the second version of Taiko Convert Maps Tourney (TCT may you assume?).
Converted Maps Tourney? What does that mean? Basically maps done for Standard mode (osu! mode called from others) being played in Taiko mode. Yeah, they usually has SV changes and patterns that are not common in Taiko-specific maps. You didn't know it? It's fun!
Don't forget to read the rules and join the Discord Server. Good luck & Have fun!!

Priority will be:
Most matches won.
Have higher {(the number of maps won) - (the number of maps defeated)}.
Most maps won.
Have higher ∑{(total score difference) / (maximum score)}.
Winner of the rematch.


Userpage Banner for three first places. Upcoming prizes will be announced soon~

Tourney Dates:

  1. 03/28: Sign ups open
  2. 04/18: Sign ups closed (00.00 UTC)
  3. 04/20: Screening Phase
  4. 04/26: Mappool released
  5. 04/26: Groups ready
  6. 04/26: Schedules ready
  7. 05/02: Group stage matches starts


  1. IMPORTANT!: There can't be two players (each one) with more than 11.000 pp in the same team! (It means: No two top #78 in the same team)
  2. About mappool: We will have:
    1. 4 NOMOD MAPS: Most variant pool. Any kind of maps.
    2. 2 EASY MOD MAPS: Used to focus on maps that have high SV but are still playable with EZ Mod.
    3. 3 EX MAPS: Hardest maps in the pool. Focusing on sv-changes map and uncommon kind of'em.
    4. 2 HIDDEN MOD MAPS: Maps usually using linear SV. Avoiding SV-changes.
    5. 2 HARD ROCK MOD MAPS: Maps usually using linear SV. Avoiding SV-changes.
    6. 2 DOUBLE-TIME MOD MAPS: Focused on speed maps.
    7. 1 TB MAP: Being played under Freemod conditions. Longest map to break any tie. I would not suggest using mod in there tho.
  3. We will be using Scorev2
  4. We deserve the right of ordering by registration date. Doesn't matter if you are highest seed!
  5. MAX team capacity: 32 <could increase to 48 if we are having sign-up overdose>
  6. MAX team size: 2 players.
  7. This tournament is for every country!
  8. This will be a Group & a Bracket mode tournament.
  9. 2 teams per group advances to RO-16 / RO-32
  10. There will be Loser bracket and Winner Bracket, so if you lose is not all lost!
  11. Reschedules are only valid before friday 23:00 UTC (0) on the weekend that you're playing

Every players will be invited at the time to the room The referee can wait a maximum of 10 minutes for a player. Players wont be able to join after 10 minutes!. If the player doesn't come, the referee will ask the other team for a 1v2 start. It will depend on the other team if they want to play or not. Have in mind if there's a 1v1 match you are forced to play unless you want a default lose. Captains will decide if they want to pick a warm-up map (under 3:30 length). Warm order pick doesn't matter. Captains will use <!roll> command. Lower roll will start banning then higher roll bans (1 ban each team). After banning stage is ready, higher roll picks their first map then lower roll picks theirs. Continue until the match is done. Every player MUST have the mappool, the referee can't start without players if they don't have the pool (referee criteria). If a player gets disconnected for some reason in the first 10 seconds of the song, the referee will abort the game and restart it. If it happens after 10 seconds, the score before the disconnect will be counted. The referee can penalize teams if any players present bad-behaviour in the game room. Once the match has finished, the room will be completely closed. If a player fails in a song, and doesn't revive then his score is not counted. In the case he revives before map's end it counts if every player fails, then the referee is going to make a sum of their scores then comparing. IMPORTANT: If there is a tie, then there will be no point added to any team, map will be considered as played. If there is a tie on the tiebreaker, then teams are going to repeat it with freemod conditions.

Mode: Team VS (2v2) Win Condition: Score Score v2 Slots 1-2 Blue team. Slot 3-4 Red team. Every players will be Locked in their slots. Group Stage: BO7 RO-16: BO7 Quarter-Finals: BO7 Semifinals: BO9 Finals: BO9 Grand-Finals: BO11


Organization: Aisha ; Noko_BSF
Mappool Selectors: Aisha ; yuzu__rinrin ; Noko_BSF
Referees: Aisha ; GDLenny ; Boaz ; Nurend
Discord moderation: Jason X
Scheduling: Aisha
Streaming: Beat43210
Statistics: Noko_BSF
Streamers and casters: Beat43210
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