Nexus' NM std modding queue (open)

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(leaving open for a couple of days)

Going to be sticking to my preferences, will be modding sets that are hitsounded and going for ranked. Might mod bit by bit so if I start modding your map I will mostly likely finish it c:


  1. Have your set ready for ranked and hitsounded (basically a rankable spread)
  2. I now only have one rule since most people didn't read them :c

Check last post for status!
Title: No Girl No Cry!
Artist: SIlent Siren
Drain time: 5:02

I would really like to go for ranked with this map. however im not sure if that's possible considering I am relatively new when it comes to mapping.

My favorite anime is either Love Live!, or Steins Gate. :)

Thanks in advance <3
Title: Taisetsu na Koto

Artist: Fuwari P

Drain time: 6:02 (5:55)


About me: I am new experimental mapper, IDK about my quality, maybe rankable, maybe bad. I will add HS later, if that map with nice quality for ranked.

Fav anime: Koe no Katachi

Thanks in advance <3
Artist: Kitamura Eri & Nonaka Ai

Title: and I'm home

Drain time: 2:39


Difficultiies: preferably lower ones because mapping normals and hards is hard

i really want to go for ranked with this but idk if possible because i'm not that experienced

fav anime: madoka magica
Hello. Looking for some mods on this:
sweet ARMS - Blade of Hope (TV Size) (1:28 of drain)
Mod whatever diff you want, anything is helpful ^^
My hope is to rank it.
It's hard to say a favorite anime, so the one I like for the season is Darwin's Game.

Thanks in advance.
- ascended - nm req

Serizawa Yu - Devi-kyuu(TV Size)

drain is 1:28, mod any diff

Going for ranked

Favorite anime: i enjoyed dr. stone while it was releasing
OVER THE TOP by Hiroshi Kitadani
I need mods mostly on the last diff, and ye it's for ranked
Dont really have a favourite anime a
Hello NM req
new mapper looking for advice
RiraN feat. core mc - Take The Long Way Home
Favorite: Re:0
Ty <3
Nexus mods:3c
Title: unlasting (TV Size)
Artist: LiSA
Drain (each diff): 1:29
Diffs to mod: Hard and Unlasting Love diffs
Gay mapper going for ranked
Favourite Anime: This changes a lot but it has to be YURU CAMP!!
Roast me well :3c
roach Artist DystopiaGround title AugoEidEs
I wish i could push this for ranked but im a bad mapper so mods are fine.
favorite anime is Hinamatsuri :))))
There's only 1 diff**
Drain time 5:38
ah shit
Camellia - Feelin Sky (Camellia's "200step" self-remix)
Drain: 6:00
am going for ranked i guess
Radiant best amine

Title: Killer Song
Artist: Jun Maeda x yanaginagi
Drain Time: ~1:30

going for ranked :)
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Still open! Send some maps through
nm req <3
click here

nm request please

Youka - Everflowering

all three difficulties

Thank you very much!

favorite anime hmm...

gochiusa OwO
Hi, NM request!

I think I have more problem on hard and normal diff and need more mods than insane or higher..
Thank you!

My favorite anime is jojo's bizzare adventure, especially part 5

cattle decapitation - forced gender reassignment
drain: 3:52
maybe ranked
only 1 diff
thxs <33
NM request. thanks

Favorite anime is Gotoubun no hanayome <3

Artist: Sound Horizon
Title: Hikari to Yami no Douwa
Drain length: 6:28

My fav anime is Evangelion or Senko-san
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