i cant find this skin

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line man
uhh ive been looking for this skin for like the last 2 hours and i havent found a trace of it
ive looked in the comments of the video and still found nothing but danser comments,
i have searched it up a few times too but nothing came up.

heres the youtube link for it

hopefully its actually a skin thats public and i havent wasted my time looking for a
skin that doesnt even exist lol

if anyone reading this knows the name of that skin pls comment it would appreciate it very much
That search was actually pretty easy lol

Here you go!

btw, you can see a mediafire download link there.

if you can't here's an extra link directly to the mediafire link itself

Edit: Wrong skin... sorry!

I did MORE research and I found out that you... can't get the skin. It's incompatible with osu!
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