Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

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So everyone has a first attempt. This is mine...

Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

It's hard in spots (mainly for spins), easier in others. Having never played much of EBA, I'm hoping it's close enough to an EBA simfile for you.

Video is included - 24mb.
I'm surprised to be the first one to post (I should be coding.. right?)

Anyway I'll make it brief - good job, I approve. Keeping with the high standard of beatmaps up so far.

Going to mirror the file and change your link when its done uploading. Will add this to the official list one its done.

Edit: Link updated.
Spins are definately too hard...

Great work..

I love this "game"!
Had to leave my net on over night to download this :P

Finally got an opportunity to play this:
Nicely made - the map fits very well to the music.

It wasn't too difficult since you instantly feel the beats.

Keep up the good work!
Too awesome!
I don't know if it's a mistake or whatever, but at...1:58 in the song, there's two notes on the same beat. I can't fathom how anyone is to play that, maybe a lightning quick left/right click. It also doesn't make any sense to be different from the other "push the button" phrases.

Otherwise, I love the beatmap, it's pretty awesome.
This should definitely be fixed. Did you want to upload a corrected osu file and I will update the osz and ranking osu.
Hmm noticed that double hit whilst playing this just then too. Don't know how we missed it first time round. The fixed .osu is attached. Thanks Ivalset for spotting the hiccup!

Download: The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (IcePagoda) [Normal].osu
[deleted user]
This seems really offsync.

Evi wrote:

This seems really offsync.
As it has been approved for official ranking, it is definitely timed correctly. The automatic offset detection may not have worked so well - check your options and try adjusting your PC's offset if you find other songs also feel out of sync.
[deleted user]
Nope, all other songs are fine, but on this song, if I disregard the circles and click onbeat, I get all 50s and 100s.
You are quite right - this is mistimed. Not sure how it got up there in the first place (and why there haven't been any complaints yet). I'll fix it tonight when I get home if noone beats me (please beat me).

Thanks for pointing this out.

Edit: Fixing this atm.
Ok - this one is retimed and reuploaded!
Because I love old maps, have a present

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (24.13 MB)
The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize (-video) (4.34 MB)
I was all excited about this, then I clicked to download and it said it had not been uploaded right =(
Please fix?

Potatosiris wrote:

I was all excited about this, then I clicked to download and it said it had not been uploaded right =(
Please fix?
its old. but nice :3
Baron Nefarious
"uploaded incorrectly."
Please re-upload!!! Need this song! Love it!
When I try to download the beatmap it comes up with an error page, I'd love to play this song if anyone could help! thanks!
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