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There are 2 problems with this feature, first the scoring system is abit harsh they should give more leeway, second there absolutely no learning curve, u cant expect someone to learn by adding a button and increasing the difficulty every single time, there should be a section where there are different difficulties on the different numbers of buttons, Just my opinion tho
please fix osudroid because the latest beatmap is not working....sorry for my bad english
Uh, i'm sorry, but I really don't like osu!mania's accuracy and score.

I really say accuracy is way too strict, principally if the objective is making maps possible to SS and S.

Also, if you want to respond me saying that i'm a noob and stuff... No, really, if you think it's not strict, imagine when osu!mania is rankable, the converted maps are reaaaly easy peasy compared to what would be the insane diff on another games.

Also the score seems very WEIRD, principally the penalty for the misses, it pratically makes you restart again and a better play wouldn't get a better score because the better play got a miss earlier.

If everything is fixed, I can even say osu!mania is better than almost all rhythym games out there.
Is there any info out on mapping for this? Specifically changing the number of keys?
is there any plan to create osu!mania ranking ??
My favourite mode finally here :)
nice nice <:
Does anyone read the changelog?
It begins.
Tanomoshii Nekojou
nicolas kamikaze
why i dont have osu¡mania i have osu but just ctb and taiko please give me someone one link for the osumania
Mania Time :3
few things;
how come there isn't a 9k mod if there's support for 9 keys?
what are special keys 1&2?
please add this D: p/1929960

Saph1 wrote:

how come there isn't a 9k mod if there's support for 9 keys?
As stated here in the wiki, the 9th key is not used for the moment.

Wiki wrote:

Left to Right key binding (For Beatmania IIDX style)
  1. From down to up then down to up again: (K1)Z, (K2)S, (K3)X, (K4)D, (K5)C, (K6)F, (K7)V, (K8)G, (K9)B [K9 is not used]
Has maps always been capped at 7 keys unless you use the mod? I don't remember..

Is there a possibility of 10k support in the future? Would be nice.
...Wait what?

As the wiki says, the 9th key is used with symmetrical key bindings when playing 8K (symmetrical 8K doesn't use the 5th key). Its purpose is solely to make switching between 7K and 8K easy and convenient, since if you're using symmetrical key bindings you usually want to play 8K with something like ASDFJKL; as opposed to using the space bar.
Posting here just to praise this new mode hahah.
Very good. :)
Mushroom 1UP
Might be a dumb question but, how do I get this mode...?

Mushroom 1UP wrote:

Might be a dumb question but, how do I get this mode...?
aff necro, anyway, Open Osu! click "play" -> "Special" there tree modes taiko,ctb and osu!mania, click in osu!mania and tadaaaaaaaaa
Light Wolf_old
Yeah Awesome
dat necro
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