osu! Mapping Olympiad #7: osu!mania

Welcome to the seventh installment of the osu! Mapping Olympiad, and the second iteration focusing on osu!mania!
Check out the newspost for more information on scoring and additional details.
The songs used for this contest will be Frums - Star Of The COME ON!!, IAHN - Welcome Original Mix, PUP - DVP, Hyun - ENCOUNTER, Cranky - Ran


  • This contest is for the osu!mania mode only. 4K and 7K are the only keymodes you can map.
  • Each entry must follow the Ranking Criteria. Entries found to break the Ranking Criteria will be subject to penalties, ranging from point deductions to disqualification based on severity.
  • Beatmap submissions must not exceed 15MB.
  • Storyboards will not be considered in the judging process.
  • Custom hitsounds may be used.
  • Collaboration on entries is not permitted.
  • Maps submitted to the contest must not be uploaded using the Beatmap Submission System (BSS) until the contest is concluded and the winners are announced.

As an additional requirements for this contest edition, we wanted to go back to the basics, by asking you to do a full mapset of the song you want. This requires you to map a Normal, Hard, and Insane difficulty at the minimum, with Easy and Expert being the only optional difficulties.

Please note that you can only map one song per keymode, which means you can submit an entry in both 4K and/or 7K.
Good luck!

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