Monthly Beatmapping Contests 2020: #5

The fifth iteration of the Monthly Beatmapping Contest since its return in 2020. Read the news post for details on this month's contest and the wiki article for details on the contest structure.


Submissions must...

  • follow the month's beatmapping limitation: rhythm in the beatmap template cannot be changed
  • be in .osz format. This allows your entry to use custom hitsound files and a background of your choice, however storyboarded visuals will be removed from all submissions.
  • be a single difficulty for the month's selected song.
  • be in the osu! game mode. Other game modes will be considered after trialing this contest with osu! only.
  • not be uploaded to the osu! website through the Beatmap Submission System (BSS). All contest submissions are anonymous during the screening/voting phases to avoid bias. DO NOT SHARE YOUR ENTRY!
  • be solely created by you. Collaborations are not allowed.
  • abide by the ranking criteria. While we can be forgiving for mistakes, submissions that could not be ranked without major changes will be discarded.

Any entries breaking these rules will not be viable for the contest.


The following song is applicable for this contest

Creo - Gravitate (172 BPM)

Special beatmap template download (3:06)

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