Aspire V

Welcome to Aspire V! The wildest beatmapping event on osu! returns with a new host, a new format, and limitless possibilities.

Aspire is a contest that throws out the ranking criteria completely.

The aim of the game is simple: take (nearly) any song from the Featured Artists listings, and make a map out of it however you want!

For more details on what Aspire is and how this contest works, make sure you read the news post.


  • This contest is for all game modes. Beatmaps of different game modes may be nominated for different categories.
  • The ranking criteria does not apply to this contest.
  • You may only map songs from the Featured Artists listing with the following exceptions:
    • You may not choose the following songs:
      • LeaF - Evanescent
      • IAHN - Transform
      • Helblinde - The Solace of Oblivion
      • Function Phantom - Algebra
      • Culprate - Acid Rain
    • You may not make any edits to the .mp3 files provided on the Featured Artists listing.
    • You may not choose any songs that have been added to the Featured Artists listing after 9 April 2020.
  • Your entry does not need to be passable, however, your entry may be ineligible for certain categories or prizes if it is not possible to be passed by a human player.
  • You may only submit one beatmap containing a single difficulty.
  • Your entry should not be uploaded to the osu! website via the Beatmap Submission System (BSS).
  • Your entry should be submitted in .osz format.
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