A Most Manic Art Contest

We need your help to design two new twin mascots for the osu!mania game mode!


  • The chief theme for this contest is twins.
    • The twins must be a brother-sister pairing. No sister-sister, no brother-brother. This means that one is male, one is female.
  • Your entry must contain two designs for two characters.
    • Each character can share similarities with the other, but they must be visually distinct and identifiable from one another.
    • Characters must be humanoid. No anthropomorphic creatures.
  • All designs must be appropriate for an all-ages audience. Children do play this game, remember, and mascots are the "face" of their given gamemode.
  • Do not use features, themes or concepts from other intellectual properties. All entries must be unique and solely the creation of their authors. Plagiarisers will be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

The top 3 entries as voted by the public will receive 6 months, 3 months, and 2 months of osu!supporter respectively.

The osu!team will convene after the voting is finalized and choose the most fitting entry together, and its author will receive a custom osu! user title and an additional 1 year of osu!supporter for their efforts.

PLEASE NOTE: The winner will be expected to work with the team to finalize and tweak the design to meet osu!'s standards. We will further compensate for time spent working on this. If you're not willing/unable to follow up with us, we'll be forced to pick another entrant!

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