Community Choice 2018 (osu!taiko)

What better way to welcome in 2019 than by remembering what was great about 2018? Cast your vote for your favourite map from 2018 and help us decide the Community Favourite!

You have 10 votes to cast for your favourite ranked osu!taiko maps of 2018 - and only maps that you've played at least once are eligible to receive your votes.

The highest voted map for each gamemode will be officially declared the "Community Favourite of 2018", and the mapper will receive 6 months of osu! supporter for their efforts. The top 10 maps of each mode will also have their mappers receive 3 months of osu!supporter as well.

Choose well!

Check out the results newspost for more information on the winners, and a full tally of all votes and entries!

Voting for this contest has ended