Aspire 2017 Stage Three: osu!catch

The skies are falling, but the osu!catch community knows how this goes. They have transcended once, but can they truly Aspire?

The rules are as follows:

  • This contest is for the osu!catch mode only.
  • The song for this contest is OISHII - ONIGIRI FREEWAY. Don't submit entries mapped for other songs. That would be fruity.
  • The osu!catch Ranking Criteria DOES NOT APPLY to this contest in any capacity whatsoever.
  • You may submit ONE difficulty to the contest OF YOUR OWN CREATION, be it collaborative or otherwise.
  • The map you submit may be of any difficulty tier you wish, though Aspire contests are generally for Expert (5.25+ star) tier and above.
  • The map itself must be able to be passed (note: NOT fc'd) by a human player without difficulty reduction mods. It can be extremely difficult to do so, but it must not be impossible.
  • The drain time of your entry must be at least 70% of the song's total length.
  • If your entry DOES NOT HAVE additional assets (hitsounds, backgrounds, etc), it MUST BE SUBMITTED AS A .osu file.
  • If your entry HAS additional assets such as storyboard assets, hitsounds, etc, it MUST BE SUBMITTED AS A .osz FILE WITH A SIZE NO LARGER THAN 20mb. Accounting for the size of the track, you have roughly 16mb of asset space available for use. Extensions may be granted upon request via forum PM to Ephemeral.

Download the pre-timed contest .osz file here.

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