Monthly Beatmapping Contest: April 2017 (osu!mania)
  • All submissions must be for the osu!mania gamemode ONLY.
  • All entries within a submission must be for a single keymode of your choice, though we suggest either 4K or 7K to reach the maximum number of players. To clarify, this means either a 4K set or a 7K set - not 2 4K difficulties and a 7K difficulty.
  • All submitted difficulties must adhere to the Ranking Criteria.
  • You must map at least three (3) difficulties in an appropriate spread as per the Ranking Criteria. ENH (easy, normal, hard) or NHI (normal, hard, insane) are acceptable. You may add an Expert or Extra difficulty if you wish when making a NHI spread for a total of NHIE.
  • No more than four (4) difficulties can be submitted under any circumstances, and ONLY if your spread is NHIX or ENHI, otherwise you may only submit three.
  • Collaboration is allowed, but the contest entrant will receive the points towards Elite status and feature prizes.
  • Maps and entries submitted must NOT be uploaded to the BSS until the contest has concluded. Doing so will disqualify you immediately.
  • Difficulty names must only be the name of the respective difficulty. Things like 'Evening's Moist Popcorn or 'jhlee's Jubilee' are not allowed. You may use mode-specific/keymode-specific naming, like 4K NM, 7K EZ if you like.

Download the contest .osz file here.

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