Monthly Beatmapping Contest: March 2017 (osu!catch)

Vote for your favourite three entries from MBC: March 2017 (osu!catch)!

Please remember that you are judging full beatmap sets as a whole and not the merit of individual difficulties alone. Please try to play each difficulty at least once before casting your vote.

Download the COMBINED voting pack here. The combined pack contains all of the beatmaps bundled together in one package and is a 4mb download. This makes voting easier for people with slower connections, but means that you must use the in-game search function to get the whole set of a particular entrant.

Download the INDIVIDUAL voting pack here. The individual pack contains all of the beatmap osz files in a single archive and is a 42mb download. This may make voting for individual sets much easier as you can simply delete each set after you are done judging it, but is significantly larger than the combined download.

The download button below points to the COMBINED pack.

Voting remains open for 14 days. Have fun, and thank you for voting!

Voting for this contest has ended