Vocaloid Mapping Contest 2 (osu!mania)

For the vocal synth lovers out there, listen up! The Vocaloid Mapping Contest (VMC) is back and more ambitious than ever. This iteration is open to all game modes and uses songs from iroha(sasaki), our newest Featured Artist!

Just like before, the contest is all about finding and promoting VOCALOID, UTAU, and other vocal synth songs and artists that have fallen through the cracks.

Your goal for this contest: use one of these songs to create the best VOCALOID beatmap possible!

Be sure to read the news post and wiki article for detailed information on the contest, songs, judging, and more!

Event Timestamp
Announcement 2024-01-28
Submission 2024-01-28 to 2024-03-01
Screening* 2024-03-01 to 2024-03-08
Judging 2024-03-08 to 2024-04-05
Results livestream 2024-04-07 @ 18:00 UTC

*Screening will only occur in modes with a large number of entries.

Voting for this contest has ended