Monthly Beatmapping Contest: September 2023 (osu!mania)

osu!mania edition of September 2023's Monthly Beatmapping Contest. Read the news post for details on this month's contest and the wiki article for details on the contest structure.


  • Submissions must follow the month's beatmapping limitation: your beatmap's drain time must be at least 4 minutes.
  • Submissions must be a single difficulty from one of the month's selected songs.
  • Submissions must be in .osz format.
  • Submissions must NOT be uploaded to the osu! website until after the contest's results are finalised.
  • Submissions must abide by the ranking criteria.
  • Your submission must be solely made by you. Collaborations are not allowed for this contest!

Note that all submissions will be anonymised before they're reviewed by screeners/judges to avoid bias. During this process, storyboards and backgrounds may be removed.


Due to osu!mania's limitation this month, any Featured Artist song that is at least 4 minutes is eligible for this contest! This search filter includes every song that's 4 minutes or longer, so your song must be in this list!


This contest offers:

  • A profile badge
  • Elite Mapper user title
  • Mappers' Guild keychain

Check out the news post for details on each of these!

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