Community Mapping Contest #1 (osu!catch)

See what the best of the community has put forward in the first ever Community Beatmapping Contest!

You may vote once per mode and difficulty tier combination. The most popular maps from each mode and difficulty tier will be bundled together in their respective game/key modes to form the winning beatmap for that mode.

Voting is simple, just follow these steps:

  • Find the game mode you want to play (see the links below)
  • Click on the difficulty you want to play to expand it
  • Download the .osz to get all the entries for that difficulty bundled together
  • Open or drag-and-drop the .osz file into osu! and you're ready to go!
  • Play through the entries and take note of the name of your favourite beatmaps
  • Use the name you took note of to throw a star by their name on this page to vote for them!

Choose wisely - every vote counts!

Voting for each game mode:

Voting for this contest has ended