Beach Episode Art Contest

With 140 sizzling summer entries to smoulder over, it's official — the artists of the osu! community really like the beach. And now they've served us a serious challenge in figuring out how to spend only 15 votes on them.

Don't take our word for it though, see for yourself in this spectacularly summery slideshow summoned forth by the one and only Mr. Fat to an incredibly fitting tune known as V!rtuaresort by our very own Featured Artist, seatrus:


Just click on any entry you like below to open it in a full-size image viewer, then click the star in the top right to vote for it.

You can navigate through all the entries using the arrow keys or by clicking the arrows on either side of the screen.

The voting order is randomized for everyone to keep things fair, so the entries will be sorted differently for each person!

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