Winter 2021 Fanart Contest

The end of the year is here, and you know what that means:

Draw any of the osu! official or community mascots in a winter theme for fun and glory! You could have your artwork featured in the main menu as an osu! seasonal background, and nab yourself 3 months of osu!supporter.

You might be asking, what exactly counts as "winter"? You are also probably not asking this at all, but in case you are, simply consult the examples below for some ideas:

  • Anything cold or snowy
  • Snowball fight shenanigans
  • Any assortment of winter sports
  • End-of-year festivities
  • Unwrapping (or wrapping) presents
  • ...or anything else you can come up with!

The artists among us brave enough to take up the challenge will find they have the standard 14 days to whip something wonderful up for us all to vote on.


  • By submitting your artwork to this contest, you grant us permission to use your artwork in the main menu of the osu! client should it win, and to use it in promotional material for both the game (osu!) and the contest (Winter 2021 Fanart Contest). You retain all rights to your creation and you can sell it and distribute it however you like — it is your work, after all. This is the fine print. Make sure you always read this in future contests you enter, as not all of them do we what we do here!
  • All entries MUST be themed around any of the osu! (or community) mascots in winter. It's up to you how you do this, but make sure it is obviously winter-related! We sometimes reject submissions that aren't immediately obvious enough with their link to the contest theme.
  • All entries MUST be suitable for all-ages viewing. Winter means rugging up, not stripping down. There will not be a repeat of ribbon-Mocha again. Also, the mascots have canonical proportions, please try to use them!
  • SUBMIT ONLY YOUR OWN WORK. REDRAWING AND COMPOSITE WORKS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Plagiarism sucks. Don't do it. Someone in the comments will call you out for it as has happened before and they're going to do more damage to your reputation than us removing your entry from the voting. Use only your own work — brushes and the like are fine, but that's it! Don't redraw someone else's work.
  • ARTIST ATTRIBUTION (names, social media handles, etc) MUST BE LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN THREE LINES TOTAL AND CONFINED TO EITHER THE BOTTOM LEFT OR BOTTOM RIGHT CORNERS OF YOUR ENTRY. Being proud of your work is good, just do it in a reasonably small spot of your work. Please understand that we're not very fond of anything ad-related in osu!, and attribution that is blaring enough can be considered as one.
  • Entries MUST meet the resolution requirements for a main-menu piece — namely 2732x1536. THIS IS CHECKED BY A SCRIPT AND ENTRIES THAT DO NOT MATCH THIS REQUIREMENT WILL BE DISCARDED AUTOMATICALLY. This is the #1 reason for entries not making it to voting phase. MAKE SURE YOUR ENTRY MEETS THE EXACT RESOLUTION REQUIREMENTS ABOVE. Check your work after you've exported it and BEFORE you submit it. The osu! winter elves are actually osu!taiko players in training and only know how to hit two buttons: OK and NOT okay. 2732x1536 is okay. Anything else is NOT. The elves are just doing their job.
  • Artists should use the custom templates provided (PSD template / PNG template) when composing their piece as a guideline to understand where the osu! cookie will be placed on the main menu and during the voting process. Anything you draw that is inside the dotted circle won't be seen during the voting phase, because we super-impose an osu! cookie over all entries during the voting phase to simulate what they're going to look like on the main menu. Please accommodate for this in your drawing!
  • DO NOT LEAVE THE DOTTED osu! COOKIE TEMPLATE VISIBLE IN YOUR SUBMISSION! The shame returned last contest, so we're back to yelling it at you three times again.
  • Don't use copyrighted characters from other intellectual properties. All the official osu! mascots and the community mascots are fair game, but please avoid using representations of characters from other worlds or franchises in your work. Remember also that every community mascot is someone else's treasured creation,you'd treat your own OCs and work.

If you are having problems submitting or have any questions about the rules, please contact via email!

(header artwork by Tofumang, winner of the Winter Sports 2020 Fanart Contest)

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