Monthly Beatmapping Contest: July 2021 (osu!)

osu! edition of July 2021's Monthly Beatmapping Contest. Read the news post for details on this month's contest and the wiki article for details on the contest structure.


Submissions must...

  • contain TWO maps using any of the songs below. Please don't map more than two songs.
  • be in .osz format. Including a background image and custom hitsounds is fine, but skin/storyboard/video content will not be considered.
  • not be uploaded to the osu! website through the Beatmap Submission System (BSS). All contest submissions are anonymous during the screening/judging phases to avoid bias. DO NOT SHARE YOUR ENTRY!
  • be solely created by you. Collaborations are not allowed.
  • abide by the ranking criteria. While we can be forgiving for mistakes, submissions that could not be ranked without major changes will be disqualified.


Submissions must use TWO of the following songs (all of which are included at the template at the end of this post):

  • Thaehan - Insert Coin (0:38 / 178 BPM)
  • fiend - 2DF2 (0:46 / 155 BPM)
  • Akira Complex - Infinity Stage Theme (1:00 / 130 BPM)
  • Tanchiky - Revolution (1:01 / 175 BPM)
  • Imy - Innovator (1:17 / 135 BPM)
  • Kola Kid - 2punk2suck (1:19 / 200 BPM)

You can only submit one .osz file for this contest, so download this beatmap template including every song!

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