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Rubatonin (previously known as MiRAETRAX) is a loose collection of Korean producers who constantly contemplate how to create enjoyable and awe-inspiring music for rhythm games. The unit is comprised of 20+ members specialising in genres like house, trance, artcore, electronica, jazz, and hardcore, plus many members have made a name for themselves in games like Lanota, KALPA, Sixtar Gate, and even osu!.

Rubatonin has been a fantastic practise ground for its members to practice themed songwriting, either to fit a given genre, mood, or a given length. Rubatonin's compilations, as a result, are not only a showcase of the group's musical diversity, but also true and honest slices of each member that you might not hear elsewhere.

all over the street NEW
Vitreous heart NEW
Villain NEW
Touhou Ultimate Sound NEW
Recovery NEW
Paradise Regained NEW
PRojected PRism NEW
Monochrome NEW
Late Summer Homework NEW
It Never End NEW
Great Means Not Good NEW
Futuristic NEW
Diver's City NEW
Colorful Flavor (Neptune XI Remix) NEW