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Hailing from Shizuoka, Japan, anubasu-anubasu has been showcasing their own distinct style of UK hardcore, hardstyle, and trance since starting music production well over a decade ago. Frequenting BMS-related events with songs like The island of albatross and Materialize Anything, anubasu-anubasu has clearly cemented themselves in the production sphere as one of the long-lasting greats.

Here on osu!, anubasu-anubasu stepped into the spotlight in 2018 through an osu!mania map of Nemisis (pi/3's Remix), shortly followed by an osu! map of Mercury Prayer. anubasu-anubasu's take on rhythm game music is refreshing, stepping away from the serious intensity of many modern songs, and instead focusing on a casual and upbeat experience reminiscent of past rhythm game generations. Regardless of how you interpret it, anubasu-anubasu's music is a perfect fit for osu!.