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Aice room

Aice room (perhaps better known on osu! as Nor) is the highly acclaimed producer behind works like the Blue Archive OST and VTuber pioneer Kizuna Ai's first song Hello,Morning. He's also contributed remixes to projects likely familiar to the osu! crowd, like the Kaguya-sama: Love is War! anime or VTuber YuNi.

While he's primarily known by osu! players for his Blue Archive tracks, Aice room's style is an undeniably perfect fit for the osu! community. In his independent productions, Aice room creates what he calls "dreamy music", distinctly shown through songs like DREAMY PLANET (feat. YUC'e) and I wan chuu!.

Nyan Nyan Dive
Miss U
For U
Dreamy Planet
Archive vol. 1