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Bringing an aural perspective of the future to the present day, living legend YUC'e is a singer/songwriter/producer based in Tokyo known for producing a discography of eccentric electronic tunes featuring a future-bass-inspired style paired with unmatched vocal performances. YUC'e's debut album Future Cake topped charts when it released in 2016, followed by live shows throughout the US at iconic events like ANIME EXPO, OTAQUEST LIVE, ANIME WEEKEND ATLANTA, and Comic Fiesta. And if that weren't enough, YUC'e has also contributed to renowned projects like Lupin THE THIRD, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, and Hololive ID, plus she's collaborated with other paradigmatic artists like Snail's House, Dean Fujioka, Moeshop, and m-flo.

With such an extensive history in such a short time frame, it's no wonder that YUC'e's talents have been blatantly recognized by the osu! community too. Ever since 2017, the osu! scene has experienced an onslaught of YUC'e's sound, fully integrating her sound into the average person's osu! experience.

macaron moon
Toy Frappe
Summer Night Hiking
Sugary Galaxy
Secret Eve
Magical Mixer
Future Candy
Future Cake
Cinnamon Symphony