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Exemplary producer Haywyre is a monument to contemporary dance music. Pairing his inspiration from major electronic artists like Flying Lotus and KOAN Sound with his love for classical composers and pianists, Haywyre's distinct vision shines in every track. Haywyre continues to rise as an unforgettable talent in the music industry, both with the impressiveness of his releases and his performances on tour with major artists like GRiZ and Zedd.

Haywyre has made multiple booms on osu!: first through an intense marathon of Everchanging, followed by an unexpectedly popular 8 star jump map of Insight. Each of Haywyre's works features a distinctly mappable (and incredibly catchy) melody, making his music a sweet pick for mappers looking for something on the simpler side.

Two Fold Pt. 1
The Voyage
Panorama Form
Panorama Discover