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Seraph is more than just an ordinary J-rock band — they're a monster of a musical unit that collaborates with a swathe of different creators in the doujin scene. Focused on the gothic/dark umbrella of symphonic rock, their grand sound provides a canvas similar to other artists in the osu! community like Ariabl'eyeS, Pratnallis, and Emille's Moonlight Serenade.

A beatmap of Last Queen introduced Seraph to circle clickers, but it wasn't until a beatmap of Resurrection that this artist truly began to take off. Sporting dense percussion and emotionally-driven vocals, Seraph's songs are ideal for jump-filled beatmaps reaching the peaks of difficulty.

Tamahami no Villemate
Shouji Rinne
Secret Garden
Resonance Night
Blind Dark
Black Dahlia
Beautiful Decadence