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Crafting the dramatic narrative of an angel through their catalogue of songs, Pratanallis is a multi-genre doujin circle focused on their own twist of symphonic rock. The group consists of Hinode, their primary composer who's provided countless works to other artists and to rhythm games like Cytus II, as well as guest appearances from countless vocalists like Tsuyuri Karin, Sakuya Kurosaki, and Meramipop. With four albums released to date and an ever-expanding library of music, Pratanallis is easily one of the strongest characters in their scene.

Pratanallis's songs are self-described as "heavenly symphonic rock", drawing influence from a massive list of genres like gothic rock, baroque classical, anime songs, and the breadth of doujin music surrounding them. Given their combination of widely appealing vocals and the high intensity that beatmappers yearn for, Pratanallis is the perfect choice for practically any mapper to pick up.

Tears Nocturne
Renai Fantasy
Ren'ai Fantasy
Holy Fragments
Deep White Fairies
Casa Blanca
Angels of Barcarole