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A legend in every rhythm gaming circle, Yooh is a producer and DJ who's been raising heads for the last decade through hyper-intense club, electronic, and hardcore hits. His breakthrough debut came from SOUND VOLTEX in 2012, where he took center stage alongside major artists like BlackY as an up-and-coming creator for the music game scene. Since then he's had countless works adopted into games, including solo songs, collaborations and remixes across the genre spectrum.

Yooh's debut on osu! came through a song created specifically for the OWC 2021 grand finals tiebreaker. Pairing a dramatic entrance with his longstanding history as a popular musician among osu! audiences, Yooh is a more-than-welcome addition to the Featured Artist catalogue with an appropriately large selection of tracks up for the taking.

Yoohsics -REVIVAL-
New Vision, New Life
Lethal Weapon