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Hardcore hype machine BlackY has been producing hits for a decade with critical acclaim since his launch. Stepping his foot in the door with a win in a music contest for pop'n music in 2011 followed immediately by another win in the KAC2012 Original Sound Contest, he made a name for himself in the rhythm game scene with never before seen flair. Advancing from his works in the SOUND VOLTEX series, he released his first major albums in 2017 and 2019, truly solidifying his position in a number of genres.

Standing out from the crowd, BlackY's works are a taste of every flavor, slipping seamlessly between trance, hardcore, future bass, and just about any other type of electro music you can think of. The bases are packed with 100 songs available on osu! across his full discography, covering just about any mapping niche you can imagine.

P.D.M.[α] NEW
NextgalaxY NEW
Maxxxburning!!!! NEW
Hyperspark NEW
Feel 7he Emotion NEW
Everfloat EP NEW
Energy Of The Sun NEW
Energy Of The Star NEW
Blazeful Cracky NEW
Blackmaniya Ver1.1 - Reminiscence - NEW
BlackmaniYa NEW
BlackmaniYa II -Love Games- NEW
AsterhYthm NEW
AsterhYthm 3 -Infinite Meteor- NEW
AsterhYthm 2 -Another Lights- NEW