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Risa Yuzuki

Serenading the rhythm game scene with her boundless vocal talents, Risa Yuzuki (nicknamed Yuzurisa) is an exceptional vocalist, lyricist, and voice actor to boot. She's sung and written lyrics for rock, club, and folk songs in games like Arcaea, Taiko no Tatsujin, beatmania IIDX, and SOUND VOLTEX, proving time and time again that her extensive vocal range can legitimately suit any style.

Risa Yuzuki's catalogue features instrumental backing from some of the rhythm game scene's biggest producers, including xi, EmoCosine, Street, Cranky, and BlackY (plus a whole ton more!). Covering basically every sound you could possibly imagine, Risa Yuzuki's music is ideal for creators who are prepared to explore all their options in the editor.

Furin Kagerou