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Developing an orchestral twist on high tempo electronic tunes, Lundy is the producer behind an ever-growing collection of rhythm-game-oriented music. Every note of his cinematic sound would make listeners believe he's an industry veteran despite only publishing music for a bit over a year. As a participant in current BMS OF FIGHTERS events, Lundy is a name you'll likely continue to see throughout game-related production circles.

Introduced to the osu! scene by a beatmap of to.ALPHA hosted by Deif, Lundy's catalogue boasts a lineup of tracks that cater directly to the rhythm-game audience with obscure synth variations and an average 2 minute runtime. These grand yet eccentric works are a treat for any mappers looking for something fresh in the rhythm-game space, especially those with a leaning towards rhythmic complexity.

Undersky NEW
Ultimapprox NEW
The 20th Century BLITZ NEW
Stature NEW
Stand-Off NEW
Heart-Dot-Eye NEW