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Maneuvering throughout the music spheres of Japan, China, and the United Kingdom, Sephid is an electronic producer with a penchant for pure hype. Drawing guidance from some of the rhythm game world's top tier creators like Camellia, BlackY, DJ YOSHITAKA, and xi, Sephid's songs tackle the peaks of blood-pumping ferocity with ease. Sephid has maintained an incredibly high quality standard since their first composition for G2R2018, and carries that momentum into each newly produced work.

Following a trend set by a fair few other Featured Artists, Sephid was pushed into the spotlight through a beatmap of Critical Cannonball by DeviousPanda featured in OWC 2020. Granted a spot in the Grand Finals map pool, mappers can be certain that Sephid's music provides a canvas for beatmaps aiming to reach the highest heights of intensity, all while being a true pleasure to hear.

Charlatan's Endgame