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Created as a side project combining the talents of two metal powerhouses, YUZUKINGDOM is a Japanese metal band formed by vocalist Yuzuki from Q'ulle in collaboration with the members of another Featured Artist of ours: BLOOD STAIN CHILD. Since their launch in 2018, the group has published 3 albums, each packed with hardcore intensity you'd come to expect from metal and contrasted by Yuzuki's poppy vocals. YUZUKINGDOM chose to make their stay short and sweet by releasing their final single and playing their last concert in February of 2020.

YUZUKINGDOM may not be producing new music anymore, but their songs will undoubtedly live on through the creations of mappers. Sharing styles similar to artists like Fuki, ELFENSJóN, and the already mentioned BLOOD STAIN CHILD, these songs are a fitting pick for mappers of all skill levels, while especially catering to mappers aiming for peak difficulty.