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Aitsuki Nakuru

Celebrated for a massive range of cute anime-esque tones and styles, Aitsuki Nakuru is a Japanese vocalist and voice actress whose repertoire of performance speaks for itself. After joining forces with sky_delta to form the group Endorfin. in 2015, she's been expanding into full-scale singing opportunities including doujin works, music games, theme songs, and a catalog of her own original works. With an ever-growing audience for her angelic voice, there's no doubt she'll be picking up more activities in the future!

Aitsuki Nakuru's vocal performances have primarily taken root in osu! thanks to a couple multi-million-play mapsets of Monochrome Butterfly by Settia and Sotarks. Her contributions can be also be found in the libraries of Trial & Error, Imy, and Jun Kuroda -- some of our other Featured Artists. Enthusiasts of music by *namirin or Sennzai will find themselves with more than enough selection through Aitsuki Nakuru's songs.

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