Not to be confused with: Beatmaps.

See also: Ranking Criteria § Mapset.

The difficulty of a beatmap describes the level of skill needed to complete it.

Star rating

Star rating rangesStar rating ranges

From the Ranking Criteria, a star rating of:

  • 1.50 stars and below is Easy Easy icon
  • 2.25 stars and below is Normal Normal icon
  • 3.75 stars and below is Hard Hard icon
  • 5.25 stars and below is Insane Insane icon
  • 5.25 stars and above is Expert Expert icon

Web icons

The star rating ranges determines which web icon is going to be used on any given beatmap. Following the icon ranges would usually give you a good estimate to achieve a balanced difficulty spread. There are some guidelines (see the Mapset section of the Ranking Criteria) you can follow to improve the difficulty spread of your beatmapset.

Difficulty levels

See also: Difficulty Naming.